Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Style: Tiffany & Co.

A stylish lunch outdoors.

Happy Summer! After a significantly more rainy Spring, yesterday marked a whole new season... and thankfully along with it, beautiful, sunny weather. Yesterday, I was happy take advantage of the longest day of the year, (which happened to be so lovely!) with an extra long bike ride and dinner out on the upper lawn with the family. I hope that the first day of Summer was just as fun. Celebrate beautiful Summer living in large and small ways by: picking up some pretty, ballet-inspired fashions / wearing a long skirt and a bright, cheerful pedicure / picking up some new, lacey shoes / working some new comforts into your outdoor décor / planning a party with some new table setting ideas / purchasing a chic chaise lounge / hanging a floral painting / & lastly, by adding something to your yard for the birds to enjoy...

Images: Tiffany Style, 170 Years of Design | 01 by Hiro, 02 by Carter Smith


  1. I just wrote a comment to Roseline about how confused I am - is the official start of summer for you guys the 21st? In NZ it's the 1st of Dec. Please explain!

    Andrea x

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I love your blog, but I never wrote here, this is my first time.
    I'm brasilian and I have a blog too. In Brazil is winter and I live at a cold region.
    Have a lovely summer.
    Best regards,

  3. Oh how lovely, perfect way to spend a summer's day. The photo's are gorgeous.

    xoxo dj

  4. Beautiful post, Sarah. I love these images, and the silver is just gorgeous.
    Hope that you have a great summer. Secret: I love winter. The heat in Alabama is horrible.

  5. Haha! I was about to say that yesterday was our Winter Solstice in the Southern Half of the planet, which meant that it was the shortest day of the year (eeks dawn not until 7.15am - so dark!), while you were enjoying the opposite. But I see that both Andrea and Betty have beaten me to it!

    Oh, and as to Andrea's comment, for some nutto reason in Australia and NZ the seasons are neatly divided into 3 month intervals, (rather than Solstice dates) which would be hunky dory if the weather played along with such a neat mathematical trick!

    And I love your Tiffany image - oh so glamorous - whatever the weather!

  6. Dearest Sarah,

    Happy Summer to you as well. Stylish Tiffany is quite appropriate. Have you ever looked at my Giorgio Raspini silver on my website? The Italian equivalence...

    Lots of love,


  7. Gotta love Tiffany's! That picnic pic is to pretty! Happy Summer Sarah :)

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