Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Style: Ralph Lauren Classics

Classic, Summery style inspiration.

A selection of some of their top 10 classic Summer pieces, plus style tips —Favorites from 40 years of iconic Ralph Lauren style. Fabulous. + this week's links: for the home: a chic soap dispenser / photos to dream about: la vie en rose / inspiration board: pretty chique / a wonderful city guide to Edinburgh to bookmark for future travel / great envelopes / summertime luxuries of coral roses, rosé & delicious, fresh baguettes / incredible doors / beautiful hats from New York & a favorite / and lastly, a beautiful gold gilded decoration hanging on a crisp white wall that is so incredible...

Images: Ralph Lauren style guide & tips


  1. Can Ralph Lauren do anything wrong? Not in my opinion!
    Beautiful images, Sarah.

  2. Beautiful photos, darling. Well, classic clothes or photography never really goes out of style. Hope you are well, my sweet. x

  3. Hey Sarah! I hope you're well today, where ever you are in Canada, my fellow Canadian. I haven't made it to Ottavio yet only because I have visitors coming this weekend and I thought I ought to save it for their visit - what a good place to show them, no? I'll give you the deets of my experience next week, I hope, maybe even in a blog post! I must say, your blogging-commenting netiquette is really quite gracious. Thanks for responding!

    Also, I really appreciate the versatility and timelessness of Ralph Lauren pieces. Thanks for the daily inspiration!

    Just a Silhouette

  4. he never disappoints..Mr. is always a class every single outfit here..thanks for sharing, sarah..have a lovely day..xx meenal

  5. I love RL's preppy elegant looks. Always so clean and fresh looking.

    Your links are wonderful as usual. Merci for that.

    xx C

  6. Alice: that sounds perfect — I would love to hear how your visit goes. Thank you, also :)

  7. RL is divine. just love that 2nd pic.. really embodies the RL girl.



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