Thursday, June 23, 2011

Color: Vibrant Orange

One of the many brights to appreciate.

We've been watching the steady rise of popularity for bright colors for some months now, and I am so happy to seek inspiration for my own wardrobe and space from several different sources. We can look to nature — to fruit — or even to graphic design — to printed business cards, packaging and stationary (just look at those die cuts and beautiful envelopes!) — to furnishings — simple glass furnituremakeup and fashion — in lipstick, hats, etc. — and then of course, there are some inspiring people, such as the beautiful Hanneli, who pulls off brights in such an effortless way, you cannot help but be inspired...

Images: 01 Hanneli, 02, 03 Bond Agency with photography by Paavo Lehtonen + Carl Bergman, via September Industry


  1. Aah, the color of creativity.

  2. She is just so lovely. Love the little lace shorts. The color of the University of Texas, burnt orange. We see a whole lot of it around here. xx's

  3. I love the orange top but the shorts are my favorite piece in the photo.

  4. So glad I stopped by - you know how much I love orange!! :-)))

  5. Orange is a favorite of mine. Love this. Mona

  6. Love her outfit and I especially am loving bright saturated colors mixed with neutrals. So pretty!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Delicious blog! I have just stumbled upon you and am happily making my through your posts x

  8. What an amazing outfit that is. Orange looks great on nude or white. :)Ada

  9. Gorgeous outfit. I miss summer so much looking at these pictures!
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. What gorgeous branding - might need to re-post this - love it so much!

    The outfit is amazing too - that hot red with the lace shorts... dying :)

  11. Quintessence: :)

    Mei: thank you so much — how kind of you to say...

    Jessica: isn't it incredible? You might enjoy all of September Industry's features — they are one of the best sites for design!

  12. Hanneli is fabulous, love that colour on her. Sometimes when I look back I wonder why I wore black almost all the time! What was I thinking?!!

  13. Love seeing so much color!! Gorgeous image, I wish I could still wear shorts like that!

    Art by Karena

    I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site!

  14. Karena: I will have to stop by and see this giveaway! xx


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