Saturday, June 25, 2011

Architecture: Ranato D'Ettorre

A Hamilton island home.

Such a marvelous, open home, offering a refreshing assembly of interconnected living spaces, designed to encompass different areas for multi-purpose living. Some are perfect for entertaining, while some offer relaxation and shelter from the sunshine, and others are perfect for sleeping. Neither front nor back focused, the home is situated so well within nature, with multiple views of the beautiful surrounding water. While some may consider the addition of pools on the property to be arbitrary given the fabulous large body of water, however, it seems to only enhance the views and create a sense of cohesion with the landscape. Simple, grand, modern — it almost has a retro feel, I find. I would really like to know your thoughts on it...

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! The remainder of my weekend will be comprised of much work, a relaxing Sunday morning (outside, hopefully) and spending some time visiting different blogs. Do you have any fun plans in store for tomorrow?

Images: Belle magazine, April/May 2011, by Mads Mogensen


  1. Did he design the Bale houses in Port Douglas, by chance? I convinced my parents to go and look at the showhome with me, and the aesthetic was strikingly similar.

    Andrea x

  2. wow,beautiful house!I'd love to live in a place like this!!!!!

  3. This is gorgeous- so clean and modern but still warm and inviting...thanks for sharing!!

  4. Sarah-
    This home is beautiful.
    It had me at the water gardens and the dining table. Gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. A beautiful house. I love the purple and orange together. Mona

  6. What a wonderful house. The purple and orange combination used around the place is great.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  7. it is beautiful..i love how the furnishings warm up the whole house..the location is stunning! thanks for sharing, sarah and also for your lovely comments on my blog..warm hugs..xx meenal

  8. such a serene setting with just the right amount of colour ... lovely post, but I especially love the pond.

  9. Andrea: Wonderful! I am not certain if those were by the same architectural firm, but perhaps :)

  10. what a beautiful place... love those wooden steps and the cushions on the floor!

  11. Gorgeous home for a beautiful part of the world! I love the space and airyness of the home. The wood detail and the concrete work beautifully... If
    Only I lived there!!!

    Love your blog work!! Keep it up!


  12. could you imagine living in a home like that?! I simply love how open it is. thank you for following monika's lead and stopping by sbp! I have always loved your blog. happy weekend.


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