Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interior: Splendid Willow

Monika's beautiful family home as seen in Rue magazine.

With the long weekend coming to a close, there is a brand new week before us, and how nice to start by enjoying the new issue of Rue magazine —issue no.05. I especially enjoyed seeing my dear friend Monika, of Spendid Willow and Splendid Willow Avenue (shop), and her beautiful Seattle home featured. Monika is such a lovely and warm person, a great Mother and friend, whose style is every bit as beautiful as she is, and refreshingly relaxed. Her keen eye is so apparent in how she has created lovely areas throughout her house, in turn making it a home for her family and all who visit to take comfort and enjoy.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of my absence this last week. Things are back on track for certain, starting off with this week's links: my guest post on Yelena's blog, All Glam Things "Five Favorite Things & Three Life Lessons" / great chocolate packaging / a beautiful garden and retreat for Spring and Summer days / a tutu in Paris / "my kind of glitz" —indeed, mine as well! et toi? / To frame, to live: Fifi art / and lastly, a new favorite jam that is incredible delicious....

Images: via Rue magazine, captured by Bethanée Photography


  1. Hi! I love your site! See the mine! http://things-lovely.blogspot.com/

  2. i love her house!!! and her cat!!! what a beautiful animal! :)

  3. I still have to check out Rue and catch up! Looks gorgeous! Off to check out your links now :)

  4. Yes, those are some gorgeous interiors.

    Just a Silhouette

  5. that's beautiful home..with personal touches throughout..really enjoyed flipping(clicking) thru the new rue..lovely to have a you back..have a great new week..do visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal

  6. I did this exact same post on Monika's feature.. Great minds.. ;)

    Her house is warm and stylish. Just like the hostess herself. Lucky you who can experience all of this in real life.

    Please give her an extra big hug from me next time you catch up.

    xx Charlotta

  7. love this space! is that bookcase wallpaper i see? and what a cute kitty. can't wait to catch up on your links!


  8. Love, love, love the style of this home. Love the black accents here and there like exclamation points .. it grounds the rooms. Simply beautiful.

  9. I have been absent myself, but what a delight to come back to such great news! I've always loved Mon's house and this feature of it in Rue is spectacular! Congrats Mon:-). Great post Sarah! XX

  10. Dear House, please let me live in you. You are beautiful. I have 2 cats you might like to meet. :)

  11. Both gorgeous - the house and its owner.
    Oh, I almost forgot, there is a handsome little boy, too. This is happiness, believe me.
    I saw about Monika's feature on Space for Inspiration, another fantastic blog like yours, Sarah.
    Big hugs

  12. Hi Sarah, This is a big thank you on behalf of Monika since she's offline in Stockholm.

    Very generous and kind of you. I love your blog too.

    Monika's husband and editor,

    And... Great meeting you in Seattle last month!

  13. Monika's home is beautiful. I love that wallpaper and the clever idea of painting that sideboard. She is a lovely and creative lady and her cute little one is just adorable. I am very happy for Monika; Someone with such a big heart like her, deserves only the best.

  14. Sarah, Sarah. You are one of the friendliest and most generous people in blog land. Thank you so much for the shout-out. I am blushing all the way to Stockholm. YOU inspire me, my friend.

    (I am glad that hubby was quick on his feet! (:

    Love to you,


  15. Monika! I have missed you :) So glad you are well — I have been thinking of you while you are away in Stockholm... love to you as well!

  16. p.s your husband is just wonderful —


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