Monday, May 23, 2011

Artist: Badlands

Fashionable art.

There have certainly been a number of occasions in which I have seen a piece of fashion —accessories and clothing— and have been so inspired by the color, lines, the buttery leather, the hardware, what have you. I'm certain you know exactly what I am referring to... that wonderful piece that is perfection. You want it. And quite frankly, how lovely it would be to hang a painting or two of your favorite fashion pieces that inspire you... like these, with little notes and true depiction. Aren't they fabulous? I so enjoy the gestures and use of watercolor. If you could frame a favorite piece or two what would it be?

Images: creators and curators Rohan Peterson and Talisa Sutton, Badlands


  1. Officially in the shopping cart. So lovely...

    Just a Silhouette

  2. Actually, it would be unofficially. Officially in my dream shopping cart!

  3. LV can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. How beautiful.

  4. Adore these lovely paintings. So utterly delicate and gorgeous. x

  5. as for me, i think it should be a piece of clothing, maybe something made of chiffon... that could be painted beautifully in watercolor. i should give it a try. :)
    i love the first bag tho, very much.


  6. Alice: I would love to purchase them, too -- maybe they will create more? x

  7. Love! Love love love!

    Hope you're doing okay.

    Andrea x


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