Monday, May 30, 2011

Design: Urban Rustic

By Naomi Goodman of Enchanted Dream Weddings & Affairs.

I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend immensely, whether you are traveling or are staying in. These past few days have been remarkably warm and sunny, and certainly fun, with no work in the least, and included a little shopping and visiting, (I picked up some new black shorts and a quintessential striped top) a casual dinner of creamy curry, some planning, a movie, (the new Pirates of the Caribbean) gluten-free, homemade pancakes with fresh fruit, and of course, catching up with some blogs. (now that blogger is working)

Which leads me to discovering this beautiful photoshoot, as styled by my lovely friend Naomi Goodman. With careful attention to even the most minute of details, she has created a wonderful space of culinary delights and intriguing touch points of surprise —with layers of earthy tones and textures, and tasteful, elegant touches. I enjoy how she has used dramatic potted anemones as the centerpiece and their black centres as color inspiration which is mimicked in chic details such as ribbons, the circular shapes on stools, and the deepest points of moss. Perfect for grounding the table. And as you wander from the display cabinet to the mantlepiece, to the table, words such as scrumptious, bistro, ease, soft, natural, touchable, and memorable spring to mind...

To view more images, please visit Style Me Pretty.
Images: by Christine Chang | Styling: Enchanted Dream Weddings & Affairs | via Style Me Pretty —with further credits

Friday, May 27, 2011

Photographer: Peter Bagi

Photographer and designer.

Perhaps it is the potted flowers, lovely tables and chairs and decorative fence to greet you. Or the delicious aroma of brioche, fresh focaccia and fougasse bread, pastries, cookies, and much more, all made on site from family recipes dating back to the 1920's in Torino, Italy. Or the 240 plus cheeses neatly displayed in such and appealing and tempting way. Whatever it is, Ottavio's (bakery and delicatessen) history and roots in Italian food, with 80 some years of family tradition, has proved to be intrinsic through the generations.

And although I have not yet visited this lovely spot, located in Victoria, British Columbia, I feel as though I know it already. Peter Bagi has captured the very essence and feeling of Ottavio, with such purity of depiction, and in such a delicious and enticing way. If you visit his website and blog, you will see his love of great food and culture, his eye for clean, minimalistic design, and that his knack for evoking emotions through his lens is completely inherent. When he picks up his camera he captures beautiful living and living with beauty in such an intriguing way. Some weekend this Summer, I hope to skip over to Victoria, book a few nights at Fairholme Manor, have tea at The Empress, explore a few neighbourhoods, and of course, visit Ottavio for a delicious lunch, dessert no doubt, and shop...

Images: courtesy, and with the permission of, Peter Bagi

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Style: Peony Lim

A talented style blogger based in London.

I first came across this striking and stylish lady through photographer Vanessa Jackman and instantly fell for her entire outfit, especially her glamorous golden nails, as you might recall. Never before had I seen someone who could pull off a golden manicure as elegantly as Peony. And more recently, I was delighted to discover that she also has her own blog —one that showcases style in a number of ways, be it with her chic outfits, trips around the world, inspiration, and even beauty tips and tricks. It is no surprise that she has been photographed and featured on a number of major blogs, websites, and magazines, such as Grazia, Italy. (complete with a fun interview) I so enjoy how she puts her many ensembles together, confidently and so often surprising, resulting in an accumulation of pieces to build a new outfit... that somehow just looks like it was all meant to be...

Source: courtesy, and with the permission of, Peony Lim | Images: all Pete Navey excluding 06, from Daks photobooth

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interior: Splendid Willow

Monika's beautiful family home as seen in Rue magazine.

With the long weekend coming to a close, there is a brand new week before us, and how nice to start by enjoying the new issue of Rue magazine —issue no.05. I especially enjoyed seeing my dear friend Monika, of Spendid Willow and Splendid Willow Avenue (shop), and her beautiful Seattle home featured. Monika is such a lovely and warm person, a great Mother and friend, whose style is every bit as beautiful as she is, and refreshingly relaxed. Her keen eye is so apparent in how she has created lovely areas throughout her house, in turn making it a home for her family and all who visit to take comfort and enjoy.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of my absence this last week. Things are back on track for certain, starting off with this week's links: my guest post on Yelena's blog, All Glam Things "Five Favorite Things & Three Life Lessons" / great chocolate packaging / a beautiful garden and retreat for Spring and Summer days / a tutu in Paris / "my kind of glitz" —indeed, mine as well! et toi? / To frame, to live: Fifi art / and lastly, a new favorite jam that is incredible delicious....

Images: via Rue magazine, captured by Bethanée Photography

Monday, May 23, 2011

Artist: Badlands

Fashionable art.

There have certainly been a number of occasions in which I have seen a piece of fashion —accessories and clothing— and have been so inspired by the color, lines, the buttery leather, the hardware, what have you. I'm certain you know exactly what I am referring to... that wonderful piece that is perfection. You want it. And quite frankly, how lovely it would be to hang a painting or two of your favorite fashion pieces that inspire you... like these, with little notes and true depiction. Aren't they fabulous? I so enjoy the gestures and use of watercolor. If you could frame a favorite piece or two what would it be?

Images: creators and curators Rohan Peterson and Talisa Sutton, Badlands

Inspiration: Spring Market

La saison de soleil.

Outdoor markets often call us to join in as the weather turns for the better and colorful tents and booths emerge, filled with flowers, fruits, homemade goods, seasonal favorites, and what have you. I so enjoy the sounds. The sounds of smiles and exchanges, of the joining of groups of people, old friends, new friends, families, having a marvelous time. The scents of fresh, warm baking and buckets upon buckets of new blossoms. The sight of sun-kissed faces and shoulders, of hands being held and fingers pointing. From Palm Springs to Southern France I have been, and no matter where you go the festive joy of simply discovering is so evident. For you never know what might lie just around the corner... delicious, homemade treats to enjoy as you walk, fresh flowers for your kitchen or your new favorite scarf. What is your most favorite market find to date?

Images: Market photographs: Amélie Vuillon via Coté Sud A/M '09 | Fashion photographs: Nadia Moro via Fashion Served

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Designer: Leonard

Exquisite, silky pieces for Spring and Summer that seem so effortless and luxurious. Available in an array of colorful, feminine designs and amazing colors from Leonard, Paris. Rather elegant, aren't they?

Images: Leonard
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