Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome, April

A cottage of blue, white and light.

A fresh month has just begun, and closer and closer to Spring weather we draw. There is always a great deal to look forward to for April—new blossoms and more birds to come back home, Easter, some important Birthdays, and other fun things... in fact, today was so bright and lively mid-afternoon that I couldn't bear to have the doors closed up, and though it is still a little cool, the refreshment of the light breeze outside was so energizing. Spring. I wish you marvelous beginning to this new month...

 + this week's links: I met with two great ladies this past week for the first time—the very talented Monika, a dear friend for some time now, who I just adore more than words, and have been longing to meet, and also Robyn, a new friend, and lovely photographer with fabulous style, who truly appreciates beauty and life / a fabulous concept for renting exquisite fashion / a gorgeous English (family) home / breathtaking winter fashion in Japan / the ever-captivating Natalia featured in Elle, France / I want candy* / a chic Sunday outfit / an amazing contest that you do not want to miss out on! / indulgent copper business cards to appreciate / and lastly, a beautiful spot to escape to... in dreams or reality...

Images: 01, 02, 05, 09 Art & Décoration, Christophe Rouffio / 06 The Gift of Giving, Amy Neunsinger / 03, 07 Victoria Apr. 2000, Jana Taylor / 04, 08 Victoria Jul 2002, Barbara & Rene Stoeltie / 10 David Arias / 11 Cherry Blossom Girl


  1. gorgeous images yet again, all the blues..all indians have already had a great start to the month with our world cup win last night...hope you have a lovely month ahead! xx meenal

  2. Hello Sarah,
    A wonderful welcome for this new month,I love all the pictures, specially this wonderfubeautiful bed dressed in blue shades.
    I hope that you are enjoying this weekend,



  3. Beautiful Sunday post :) Love the VW Beetle <3

  4. Happy April!
    As always; beautiful images.

  5. gorgeous blues and
    lovely European images..
    always nice meeting new people...
    some people can be so inspiring...

  6. This is just gorgeous- I love the outdoor shots- stunning!

  7. Such beautiful and inspiring images, Sarah!
    Hope that your April is off to a great start.

  8. Lovely images ... and YES, it's almost here ... feels so slow this year, thought, don't you think? hope you've had a lovely weekend....

  9. Those pictures = my perfect Sunday... Aaaawww, I really need a break...

  10. What a lovely lovely house!

    Andrea x

  11. Dear Sarah,
    Just a gorgeous post!!! I so enjoyed it! Thank you!!

  12. What a beautiful ode to what is hopefully arriving soon. And love the deux cheveaux - we had one of these when I lived in Switzerland - a terrific little car!!

  13. Even amidst the rain I am so thankful for the glimpses of spring that we are getting! The hope of warmth is beginning!! Love this inspiration.
    Nancy xo

  14. Lovely, such soothing, nostalgic and relaxing pictures...
    I just found your blog a few days ago and I love everything you post. You have such an eye.
    Hope you have a good week,
    Just a Silhouette

  15. A wonderful welcome of April. This is the month spring truly makes its presence felt and you feel the urge of spending more and more time outside. Wishing you a fabulous week, Sarah! :)

  16. beautiful images Sarah! I remember my uncle used to have a car like the one on the last pic. happy monday, darling! xo

  17. Beautiful post Sarah! I can't wait for better Spring weather...

  18. Oh just beautiful darling, I could get lost in the first....I love the little car :)

  19. Quintessence: ahh, that is what the car is. I wasn't sure about the model at all—how fun that must have been...

    Alice: thank you kindly for your lovely comment, and also, for your visits :)

  20. Ochh, yes, finally the spring came with its beauty!
    Just a little bit cold outside, but i hope in few weeks it will get better, because i do so miss long walks in the park and lunch on the grass with friends.

  21. Everytime I stop by your blog, I fall in love all over again! Thank you for sharing all of these gorgeous photographs.


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