Friday, April 8, 2011

Style: Ballerina

The "Olga" ballerina in nappa leather, by Chloé.

Arguably flats are one of the most classic accessories a lady could ever own. They are the ideal for so many occasions and a personal closet favorite. A good pair of fitted leather flats can last for quite a number of years, if taken care of, and serve a number of purposes and different looks: the perfect finish to your skinny jean look, a simple statement with a fluttery Summer dress, a sweet addition with great little shorts, and of course, amazing with a delicate long skirt and other such pieces, as you see above... my very favorite pair of plain black flats are nearly worn out, but I admit that I am looking forward to purchasing a pair of two-tone Bloch flats very soon as a replacement. What do you like to wear with flats?

Images: runway via Cherry Blossom Girl / ballet flats via Chloé


  1. Being a retired ballerina=(, this style speaks to me. Simple, elegant, so beautiful when it moves, and classic. Love this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Beautiful collection to introduce flats, I think with flats something definitely classic and demure, an outfit that doesn't speak too loudly!

  3. I too look forward to purchasing Bloch flats very soon :) which I will wear with pretty much any outfit in my wardrobe when I want my feet to be their most comfortable :)

    Such a beautiful post

  4. I just found myself RACING to the bottom of the post to see whose show it was...of course, Chloe. AMAZING! I adore ballerina style. The chignons are to die for! Have a lovely weekend, Sarah!!

  5. Hi Sarah - oh these are just gorgeous. I find myself inexplicably drawn to all things ballet - but when ballet and high fashion collide - Oh thank you Chloe! So simple and classic. Lou x

  6. Love the Chloe ballet flats. Love to be able to wear the white fitted dress.
    Gorgeous as usual, Sarah.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. The Beauty File: too funny! Chloé is such a favorite...

  8. So beautiful and so chic! I would love to wear nearly all of these dresses!

  9. Oh the pictures you have included are just perfect!

    I wear my ballet flats with skinny legs and knee length summer dresses.

    Thank you re the I&P piece, I loved it that we both were on together.
    xxx DJ

  10. Such pretty dresses and how perfectly matched with these lovely shoes!

  11. ballet is always inspiring my style... adore!

  12. I'm a big fan! So tempted to get those Bloch flats still! lol...


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