Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shop: Perrin Paris 1893

Perrin Paris 1893 / Maison Perrin.

With Easter coming up in just a few days, I've begun thinking of outfits to wear in celebration. Hoping that our weather cooperates, the plan is fun and full dresses, with dainty pink gloves and sky-high nude heels... no doubt with the addition of a little cardigan, mind you. Do you plan to wear something special, also? Talk of such brings me to feminine gloves and how lovely they are for finishing an outfit off... especially these fingerless, barely pink, bow-embellished leather gloves—don't you think?

After discovering these gloves and Perrin, an appreciation for their entire line of elegant pieces was inevitable. A little history: "Sally and Michel Perrin, the emblematic couple of Perrin Paris, met in the United States over twenty years ago. Along with their two daughters, Clothilde 18, and Emmanuelle 15, they share their time between Paris and Los Angeles. The family brand Perrin Paris was re-launched in 2006. Together, they offer luxurious leather handbags and gloves for women and men who share a common appreciation for quality and timeless elegance." Timeless... classic...

Images + quote: Maison Perrin, discovered via Luxe Mode


  1. You and I clearly both had fabulous bags on the brain today! I've long loved admiring Perrin from afar. Next trip to Paris, it will be a must-visit on my list!!

  2. omg exquisite bags! hope you have a beautiful Easter holiday, darling! xo

  3. Those gloves, those gloves!!!! Sarah, I will dream of them in the night. Those gloves are AMAZING. I neeeeeed them.

  4. Quintessence: how fun! I will have to stop by to see what you have posted...

    Carolann: you make me smile + laugh :)

  5. gorgeous! timeless elegance is right, but also just the right amount of modern for it to be relevant and beautiful for today. i wish the weather would be warm/nice enough for a pretty dress!



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