Monday, April 11, 2011

Editorial: Sasha

Sasha Pivovarova for Sure Korea March 2011.

Good morning to you! I hope that you are well-rested from the weekend and are as I to eager to start the new week. This weekend was so nice, as we celebrated my Mom's Birthday yesterday with some delicious little cakes, dinner downtown, and a few was perfect. Speaking of perfect, I believe that some of the trenches and jackets, shown above, are just that!

+ some fun links to start the week with: many fabulous ideas on incorporating nature into your home / colorful flutes for tasting sparkling wines and champagnes / perfect neutrals / a great story to make you laugh: how to become an International French cheese smuggler / for a sunny afternoon: mineral water infused with thyme / special keepsake wedding albums to hold your special moments and memories / beautiful design elements to appreciate / a beautiful studio filled with curiosities / an upcoming fashion show that I can hardly wait to attend! (you can too!) / Summer with Valentinooh yes please / and lastly, a sweet (and a must to try) way to customize your floral bouquet wrapping...

Images: by Olaf Wipperfürth, discovered via Popbee, posted by noirfacade


  1. sasha is so cute! love the pink dress. happy monday and off to check out your links!


  2. Happy belated birthday to your sweet mum! :) Thank you for sharing this amazing editorial, Sarah! I adore Sasha and any new editorial work she does is always a pleasure to see. Especially love that picture in parka and the photo above the parka one. Had to save them in my fashion file.

    Wishing you a wonderful week, darling!

  3. navy skirt. must have.
    as always bringing us the best....thank you miss sarah!!

  4. Happy birthday to your mom. She is tremendous! Not to mention a beautiful lady :)

    Can't wait to see you soon, so excited!

  5. Love Sasha - I think she's actually getting more beautiful as she gets older. And how fantastic does she look in navy? I hope your mum had a lovely birthday.

    Andrea x

  6. Love Sasha- Love the blue skirt!! Hope your mum had a wonderful birthday!

  7. goodniteirene: so kind—thank you so much.

    Esther: me too!

  8. How adorable is she? One of my fave models. And killer legs!

  9. ahhh love all of these. and the photography is a-mazing!

  10. Hello Sarah!

    What a lovely post. I especially love the first picture.. that blue blazer with the double lapels, divine! Pls wish your mom a belated happy birthday from moi! I also wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for mentioning how much you like my pinterest pins! It means a lot to me. I think yours are so inspiring... you have a great mix of images! Also, thanks for the link to my guest post on atelier turner.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, chère Sarah!

    Linda, xo

  11. Happy Birthday to your Mom! And I love these photos...Sasha's eyes are not of this beautiful!

  12. I wish I could say I was well rested this weekend, but for some reason the sleep was just not there! That and running around with a 7 month old, you have to be up all day long!!! I love this editorial. I don't know what's more stunning, her clothes or her eyes. Happy birthday Mama!!

  13. Gorgeous pictures Sarah - love the blues at the top and smiled widely at the sight of the yummy jackets further down. Loving crips white with pops of colour.

    Happy Birthday to your mother. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

    Thanks also for the lovely links.

    x Charlotta

  14. TheBeautyFile: oh yes, a little one is quite busy!

    Thank you all of the Birthday wishes for my Mom :)

  15. omg she is SO beautiful! happy birthday to your mom, darling Sarah! xo

  16. Happy birthday to your Mom! Oh, I love the style and the defined colors of these clothes. thanks Sarah.


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