Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome, March

And the promise of a warmer, new month.

Good evening! As March has arrived, I am so looking forward to longer, more sun-filled days ahead, am craving a bit of vibrant magenta mixed with softer shades, cannot wait for coffee dates ahead in the city with old friends and new friends, and of course, Spring refreshing and cleaning. And also, just in time for March, you might have noticed the addition of a few fresh, new pages to Haute Design, including shopping guides to traveled places (shopping, moved from sidebar), as well as some wonderful hotels to stay in (travel), and also, a new section in which I will share my most favorite inspiration, collected. (gallery) I hope you enjoy the new editions, which are still in the development stages. Please do feel free to offer any suggestions of places you have shopped at or hotels you have stayed in and enjoyed in the given categories.

+ also, I am looking forward to catching up with my blog reading after an incredibly full week of some unexpected visits and much work... but for now, have a lovely day!

— images: 01, 06 / 02, 05, A Certain Style,, photos: James Merell / 03, 04 , The Gift of Giving, photos: Amy Neunsinger


  1. Hi Sarah, I'm so happy to find these beautiful pictures here today, I want to go out buying some fresh flowers and put away my winter boots.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. To me the first sign of spring is waking up to chirping birds...love the coat, perfect for a cool sunny spring day. Looking forward to read your travel section... always on the lookat for a new place to visit and hotel to stay at..
    Joyeux Printemps!

  3. I can't wait to enjoy the real spring... At the moment it's still pretty cold cold cold here. Oh well..
    Sarah, I don't know HOW do you manage to find such gorgeous photos, but they really are amazing. Little moments of spring captured on camera. Simply wonderful.

    Have a wonderful day, darling!


  4. That first picture ... it totally makes me want to dye my hair blond, even though I know it would look horrendous! It is just such a welcome to the sunshine, fabulous chic girl shot. I love it. Sarah, visiting your blog is always such a pleasure, you always have some fab eye candy.

  5. Have a fabulous day my darling and enjoy the begining of Spring! These photos are simply gorgeous!


  6. These pics are so stylish and pretty. Spring does have a way of bringing out our taste for "pretty". And those outfits are absolute perfection for cool spring days.

  7. Love all those pictures! Can't wait for Spring :)



  8. Beautiful images Sarah! I LOVE that bathtub {and haver for some time} it never fails to excite me...and those bright pink pants with the cape make me yearn for spring which is right around the corner!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  9. Happy March, Sarah! These images are just so gorgeous. Hope you're having a lovely week :) xoxo

  10. That sign is Mott Street in Little Italy, NYC. How do I know? I'm a native NYC gal...I'd recognize that anywhere. I'm so happy to see spring, too.

  11. I'm also looking forward to already come the spring.
    Beautiful magenta accent!

  12. This is such great inspiration! I love the hydrangeas...


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