Friday, March 4, 2011

Style: Eyewear

A new accessory to have fun with.

Today is the day... time to give in. I need glasses. really need glasses. When street signs began to look like green strips with whiteout on top, I knew my eyes were getting worse... when I look at the stove's digital clock and wonder if it's 1:20 or 1:28am, I know I am (a) sleepy and (b) must get a pair of glasses. It's been about ten years since my last (and first) pair, and so, today, I have an appointment with a wonderful optometrist to change all of that. As I was looking around at different options both locally and online, I came across Olivier Peoples Vintage, and instantly fell for their glasses and they way in which they are presented. (images 02, 05, 08, & 11) The warm and inviting feel, very library inspired, is just perfect. I did happen to find the most perfect pair at a great local shop, and now find myself seeking outfit inspiration—especially favouring chic blazers, simple tops to accompany... do you wear glasses, also? 

images: 01 Garance Doré / 02, 05, 08, 11 Olivier Peoples Vintage / 03, 10 Park & Cube / 07 Garance Doré / 09 My Bare Style, via Stylesightings / 04, 06, style, by Tommy Ton / 12 Nikology via Miss Pandora


  1. Love all the glasses in this post, these pics are great inspiration, I'm sure you can make a good choice now! :) I myself wear glasses as well yep (Chanel 3135) though I also have contacts, so I don't wear them all the time.

  2. I wear glasse too..but not quite as chic as those featured in this post...hope to change that real soon..I saw some really cool Chanel glasses in Paris last Oct. but wasn't too confident if i could pull them off...some styles do require a certain outfit/ ensemble or maybe just attitude to look good...but this post is making me have second thoughts about taking a little risk! thanks for the very useful post Sarah...hope to see you on my blog sometime soon...have a great weekend!! xx meenal

  3. I wear reading glasses - which I need pretty much for everything from 3 or 4 feet in - to read of course, the computer but also to see my food etd. I have several pairs since they are part of my image!! I also have a weakness for sunglasses and have several in this category as well including Oliver Peoples' classic aviators which I wear most of the time!!

  4. Dearest Sarah,

    Yes, I'm since 20 years in that 'reading glass' category as well. We were very lucky for being in an upscale store in Indonesia when I purchased my 22KT GP Phillippe Charriol Paris glasses and paid with credit card at the moment of their monetary crash... Otherwise I could have forgotten about them; way out of reach. With the credit card they charge you the value of the dollor of that moment so that was all of a sudden 7 x more! Once in a lifetime one can get lucky.
    Oh, the tortoise glasses I do love very much. The oversized frames à la Sarah Palin are good looking too. Sarah did do a lot of good for the Opticien Design! Ah, the name Sarah goes with beauty and class!!!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. I have been wearing glasses for almost 26 years now..I went through the stage where i only wore contacts, and the glasses at home, but now i have a pair of Cutler Gross i got in Paris that i love and wear all the time..But with age ( 40) i need now bifocals!! And thats not funny at all when you first wear them ! You get dizzy but then its ok.. Have you ever thought of having an operation instead of wearing glasses all the time?

  6. These are all so gorgeous, tres stylish!!

    Hope you are well and recovered from your recent illness/feeling poorly.

    I am very excited for my trip to Rome....and yes, wish I could meet you there!

    Have a lovely week-end pretty girl! xx

  7. I have to wear glasses so fashion is a must. I bought a great pair of Oliver Peoples recently that look just like the last pair and I just love them. A bit heavier than we have been used to but fun, fun. Happy weekend. XO

  8. Well you will be amazed at the details around you. I was.
    I love the leopard/eyeglass combination! Gorgeous, and I have to have that jacket.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah.

  9. Those vintage Oliver Peoples are amazing and classic, I'm a huge fan of O.P.

    You will look so chic and beautiful in your new frames!

  10. Hi Sarah :-) Love your glasses inspiration! Personally I don't wear glasses, though more and more often I begin to realize that maybe it's time I started. Especially after I've fallen in love with a certain Ray-Ban cat-eye style...Have a great weekend! xox

  11. Oh lucky you (sort of, I guess) - you must get new fabulous glasses. Your inspiring photos all look fabulous. What glasses did you end up buying for yourself? I also wear glasses (or contacts, when I can bear them), but they're so outdated, I should really get new fabulous ones too. Haven't had the excuse to splurge yet because they still work well haha. Have fun shopping!

  12. glasses are such a chic what if you actually NEED them....I was so excited when I finally needed reading glasses...they honestly make me feel sophisticated, intelligent and, (finally)

  13. I wear glasses and I'm totally in love with them! Plus everything is now so sharp and it feels so good :). I'm not trying to spam now, but here is a picture where you can see my glasses :).

    In other news, thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes, Sarah! It meant a lot to me, really! And yes, I've missed your wonderful blog too, I wish I had more time so I can visit more often.

    Have a beautiful weekend, lady! xo

  14. such wonderful comments—thank you all! I really enjoyed reading your own experiences with glasses and thoughts...

  15. I have glasses! A lot of people actually tell me I should wear them more often, but I'm still a bit self-conscious... Never the less I have two (very different) pairs to play around with and mix and match with different outfits. Next on my list is a pair of Ray-Ban's - I think they're such a classic frame - but I can't decide, tortoise-shell or black?

    Andrea x

  16. I can understand your frustration. I am as blind as a bat without my glasses or contacts. These images you have gathered together are lovely and thank you for introducing me to Oliver Peoples Vintage designs - fun most certainly with a great deal of character.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for the birthday wishes. :)

  17. I can't see stuff far away (university wrecked me) but I insist on not wearing any glasses. I passed my driver's test without glasses, but when I drive at night it's a little uneasy. These all make a good argument for getting a new pair. Oh accessories!

  18. My friend Kristy works with Sunglass hut. She is constantly posting great new frames and all on her blog or you can contact her on twitter @kristyelena. Maybe she will give you some inspiration?

    And, as a glasses wearer, I urge you to try try try lots of frames. LOTS. And invest in prescription sunglasses. They will make you the most happiest and are worth the extra fee. Believe me. And PS> you will look hot with glasses!


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