Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shop: Blue Owl Home Boutique

A lovely new shop to explore.

The other night we were invited to attend an opening for a new boutique, Blue Owl, located in one of the most charming areas of the city. As we walked in that night, I couldn't help but notice that the entire boutique was filled to the brim with people—laughing, smiling, some in vintage attire, some in new, some clutching rather prettily created desserts and champagne, and some watching the fun black and white clips displayed on the wall. And then of course, there were all of the wonderful items that shop owner Amanda Michas has carefully selected for Blue Owl. From books to furniture, blankets and tableware, there is a lovely array of unique pieces to add to the home. So much so, it was impossible to leave without selecting a few treasures to bring home with us—as you see a few shown, above.

"Blue Owl specializes in one of a kind pieces, each one hand picked based on the feelings they evoke. Surrounded in European aesthetic combined with whimsical inspirations you will find yourself amongst classic, ornate, vintage finds which embody perfect patinas, immaculate restorations and the purity of loved genuine antiques." And as I was trying to select a single teacup to take home from her teacup display cabinet, I was speaking with Amanda, (who was clearly in her element) and as she looked upon the teacups as tiny works of art to be appreciated, I claimed how difficult it must be to see them go. With a little twinkle in her eye and a tiny smile, she replied, "I can always find more."

I cannot wait to stop in again soon to see what Amanda has discovered lately...

— images: by David Arias for Haute Design / quote: via facebook


  1. this sounds like the perfect boutique opening!

    i will have to stop and browse the next time i am in kits!

  2. Sounds like a charming boutique. Hope you are enjoying a great week end

  3. Love your purchases... I was drawn to the teacup cupboard, and definitely admired the one you chose! I felt like I had been whisked away to another time and place in this boutique... it was so magical. I would like to outfit my home in everything Blue Owl! My favourite was the old typewriter sitting in the window - what stories and letters have been printed from this tool?

    Beautiful. Must go back soon!


  4. I'm in love with that Hermes orange teacup--swoon! Wish there was a shop like that around the corner from me! Hoping you're having a lovely Saturday!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I love your picks delicate and beautiful!! i'm sure everything at blue owl is just as unique!! have a great weekend, sarah!! xx meenal

  6. Picking a teacup out of a selection of unique pieces seems like a very tough but fabulous thing to do. The opening sounds lovely, the boutique even more. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Oh it sounds like a beautiful evening and what a gorgeous teacup you have chosen. Of course you would with your wonderful taste.

    Lovely photo's too!

    Happy Weekend,
    xxx DJ

  8. looks gorgeous, wish it was just around the corner from me! jxxx

  9. I must check this place out, they have such pretty things! I want to swim in a sea of there products, soo sooo beautiful. Dave's pictures are always amazing too :D Id love to go with you next time you visit...dying!

  10. Caoline: love the typewriter, too—so fabulous...

    Esther: yes! I mentioned how much you would enjoy this shop as well at the party—must go visit again soon with you :)

  11. Im sure it's an amazing shop Sarah, the tea cups are so precious!


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