Monday, March 7, 2011

Model: Gemma Ward

Incredibly beautiful pieces, photography and Gemma Ward.

Good day, my friends! I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Mine was relatively quiet though very nice, complete with warm sunshine, good movies, delicious food, and sleeping in a little... and, as always: Monday's finds: street style chic: a great look / a beautiful birdcage / white: organza and lace / just in case you missed it on twitter: a ladylike swimwear collection / delicious! salted caramel brownies (via A Dairy of Lovely) / a Swedish jewelry artist's stunning creations / office inspiration & fabulous clothing racks / a fresh and unique kitchen / for all who have a mass-produced brass chandelier: some inspiration on changing it up (from my dear friend) / and also, a thank you for such a sweet mention...

* previous imagery removed: some expressed concern over the frail appearance of the model that had been featured. Apologies. I had so enjoyed the photography that I had overlooked this, and so, have replaced the photography with equally beautiful work! Hope you enjoy...

— images: POP Spring/Summer 2006, Photographer: Nick Knight, Stylist: Jonathan Kaye, Model: Gemma Ward wearing Balenciaga S/S '06 Ready-to-Wear by Nicolas Ghesquière, photo sources: here + here


  1. Gemma Ward is so stunning and a brilliant actress too. Have you seen the Black Balloon? She is amazing; such an incredibly moving film. Hope you're having a lovely week xo

  2. Gemma looks to be such an innocent! Her style though, wow!! Thanks Sarah!

    Art by Karena

  3. Stunning photography...clothes and yes Gemma Ward!! Lovely post Sarah!! Happy Women's Day!! xx meenal

  4. Gemma Ward will always be a complete inspiration to me. Her editorials were always some of the absolute best and her work with Steven Meisel still amazes me. Thanks for this wonderfully nostalgic post, Sarah!

  5. These photo's literally blow me away! The lighting, movements and couture are brilliant. Gemma looks intriguing without make-up too. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  6. these pics are even more beautiful! haven't seen these befor save the last one. thanks for sharing them.
    love Gemma, and the clothes are beautiful...
    i'm so much into couture (i know this is not, but could as well be. :)).
    i wish Nicolas Ghesquiére would sway back to this more historical style, even tho i love his hi-tech collections, too.


  7. I know I've used the word gorgeous a lot but these images call for GORGEOUS with capital letters!

  8. Reminds me of Dieu crea la Femme. Pure perfection

  9. Gemma is lovely - but I am really admiring all the details in the clothing; delicate prints, fine lace, hand stitched embroidery, ruffles. Fabulous photos Sarah..

    Hope you are doing well..x/o Vie

  10. The camera certainly does love her!! ANd fabulous shots by Mr. Knight!!

  11. Happy Tuesday, Sarah!
    My my ... Gemma looks like a delicate tiny doll in these photos, doesn't she? Just a whisp of a thing. LOVE the links you've shown us .. the swimwear is divine ... and what a cutie of a birdcage! Have a wonderful week! xo

  12. I love these. Black and white is always so gorgeous.
    Gemma is pretty cool too.

  13. such pretty photos! the detail on the clothing is amazing and beautiful!

  14. she is such a beautiful girl and fashionable! hope you're having a nice week!!!


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