Thursday, March 31, 2011

Interior: Petit Appartement

A quaint yet fascinating home.

Most approach smaller spaces with a negative tone—with wishful thinking for a larger space to fill... and yet, when I see this lovely apartment, size never enters the mind... no, just the sheer beauty of the elements that have been incorporated and the positive use of color and shape on the walls and doors, shelves and corners. I enjoy so many of the notable details within this place, but would love to know, which are your favorites?

Images: Coté Paris, Fév/Mar 2011, by Jean-Marc Palisse


  1. Aw, so pretty! What a gorgeous little space...

  2. So adorable! I once had a copy of Elle Russia with Parisian flats that were also tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny, but so well decorated you'd think the space is all there. And look - that cute teeny tiny sink these people have!!! How gorgeous is that?!
    I love it (not just the sink, but everything...)

  3. Beautiful, I really love the kitchen, the tiles there and in the petite hallway. Maybe if a tiny space is made pretty like this it's not so bad to live in it. I guess it's also a matter of getting used to it.

  4. The floors in this apartment are simply stunning!

  5. this place made my heart beat a little faster. My favourite part are the morrocan inspired kitchen floor tiles. So, so lovely.

  6. all the greys and that tiled floor!! gorgeous..thanks for sharing check out my aqua-themed post when you have a moment! xx meenal

  7. Oh Sarah,
    This would be perfect for me now that I am an empty nester. I wish!
    Hope your week has been a good one.

  8. I completely agree I think small spaces are so charming/fabulous because the details matter so much and you can't help but put everything on display, which really puts your personality on display.
    I love how everything is composed and displayed the books on the bookshelves, the artwork and photography, the plates and dishes, even the bathroom toiletries.
    I love the composition of the bowls and jugs in the kitchen... the way that the photos aren't hung but leaning against the wall (gives the space a more relaxed feel when it could be too cold)... of course the touch of pattern and color with the Moroccan floor tile... how the shelf for the toiletries is so skinny and is floor to ceiling...
    attention to detail is everything and takes a space from standard to custom.

  9. This small space is so darling...the little desk near the bed is perfect. I think sometimes "big" is overrated. I always feel snug in a smaller place. As long as there are closets and places to put my shoes and clothing, I'm fine. I imagine this is somewhere in least in my mind! Love the colors

  10. This is a hue I am really loving right now. The mocha grey with color accents. absolutely exquisite!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  11. Great apartment! Fabulous color palette!
    Love the entry!
    And adore the bathroom!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  12. How adorable... just photos made me curious, wish I could be there and touch things!

    hugs and kisses from Rio!

  13. A well decorated apartment can imprint a beautiful look, regardless of its size. It's all in the details and the appropriate use of the spaces. The small hallway is my favourite, a pop of colour can work wonders on an interior. Ada

  14. Hello hello! That little kitchen is so gorgeous. I love the curtains for cupboard doors. Fabulous. This apartment would work for me if...well if I only had myself to think of! Lou x

  15. I have been scrolling up and down over these photos several times and think it is one of the most thought through apartments I have seen in a very long time!

    The attention to detail is exquisite and I have a hard time separating them from the overall, beautiful presentation of the entire place. It's just all so composed and delicious. It feels as if each corner, angle, and room has been approached like a piece of art - every object is measured and teamed with perfection and outmost care.

    I love the pop of colour and the fun stripes in the hallway - what a wonderful welcome. For sure the tiled flooring is a fantastic contrast against the monochromatic and muffled colour pallet - like a burst of 'movement' and 'energy' in an otherwise quiet & serene space.

    The lighting is amazing - not only because of the fantastic lamps that have been chosen but also in the way they are hung. The wires have been arranged to enhance the design, and I just love the beaded one of the white pendant cluster.

    I also noted the beautiful shelves in the kitchen - the set of 'rectangles' over the sink are mounted with precision.

    It's just amazing how well all of this is done. There is nothing that has been forgotten or overlooked. Just stunning Sarah!

    x Charlotta

  16. I tell my husband all the time that I want to down-size and only surround myself with a few really nice things (and I will keep the family members too! (:

    This apartment just proves that my thinking is right! What a lovely home, Sarah. So good for the heart and the soul.

    Happy weekend to you dear,


  17. How absolutely gorgeous! I'm always amazed at how even the tiniest spaces in Paris can be very elegant. I love Paris! Thanks for another wonderful post, Sarah!

  18. wonderful post, Sarah! just saw your photo on Mon's blog - you, Mon...b e a u t i f u l ! Happy Friday

  19. I'm literally picking up my jaw up off my desk - this space is BEAUTIFUL! So much inspiration for someone that lives in a small apartment. I'm in love!

    Love you have a lovely weekend Sarah. xx, C

  20. the kitchen is absolutely dreamy! love the use of colors! hope you have a lovely weekend, Sarah! xo

  21. What a sweet place! Love the warm touches with the grey.



  22. I'm loving spaces in this palette - so soothing! I pop by often but never leave a comment so I thought I would today and say hello xo

  23. Living in a smaller space forces you to be more creative and this is apartment is a great example. And I just love the gray. :) Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Sarah. xo

  24. What a wonderful charming smaller space. I love the fact that it is neat and organized and everything has its place.

  25. LOVE! I also love that Reed Krakoff bag you have on your sidebar...a little too much...

  26. Lisa: thank you so much! (for stopping by and for your comment) xo

    The Beauty File: you make me laugh :)


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