Friday, March 11, 2011

Handbags: Chloé

Spring—Summer 2011 catalogue.

I do believe that Chloé will forever be my most favorite handbag designer. There is just something so alluring about the designs, no matter the season, that truly speaks to my undeniably handbag-obsessed heart... the combination of luxurious leather and fine hardware, of amazing quality and design, or purpose and beauty. Of these lovely pieces shown above, I could see so many of them working well with classic wardrobe items equally to those that are more of the moment. Do you have a favorite?

— images: Chloé


  1. i have a black Chloe paddigton and i was THISSSS close on buying the large partay bag this week, but i told myself NOT to do it - i think Chloe is my HANDS down FAVE designer!

  2. The black bag & shoe in picture #3 would look great with a certain Obakki outfit I have myself set to buy for casual summer wear ;) I do love larger bag in picture 6 and the bag & flats in the last picture...hmmmm...looking forward to summer!

  3. they are all so classy...the nude one with the dainty gold bow is so lady-like ...just perfect!! have a great weekend...see you on my blog someday soon!! xx meenal

  4. Love Chloe bags - I think the Marcie bag is my favorite!! But they are certainly all beautiful. I think I read that Hannah McGibbon may be out - of course that won't affect the bags much - did you hear that?

  5. I agreee, favourite bag designer as well. If I could afford anything I believe the bag splurge would be in Chloeee!

  6. So gorgeous! Really love the rose and tan at the top, smashing combination! Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

  7. LOVE the white bag! So beautiful.
    Have a great weekend, Sarah.

  8. Just wanted to pop over and wish you a very happy weekend!!

    xoxo Laura

  9. What lovelies. I would prefer the first and the last ones.

    Have a nice weeekend, Sarah!


  10. I love the structured white tote in the second picture, but the purses are gorgeous too... How I'd love a Chloe bag.

    Andrea x

  11. I do not want to be greedy...and as much as I would love them all...the minimalist in me wants both in the 6th image. They are glorious! Have a lovely weekend, friend! xo

  12. I've had my eye on the black version of that last duffel, I would soooo love to have it in my closet! I might have to re-do my closet just for the bag :)

    Hope you're off to a wonderful weekend Sarah!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. Love the Chloé Marcie, it's a must have to me.

  14. Mary Jo: I could very much see you having that bag! Haha, re: re-doing your entire closet for the bag—I completely understand...

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