Thursday, March 31, 2011

Interior: Petit Appartement

A quaint yet fascinating home.

Most approach smaller spaces with a negative tone—with wishful thinking for a larger space to fill... and yet, when I see this lovely apartment, size never enters the mind... no, just the sheer beauty of the elements that have been incorporated and the positive use of color and shape on the walls and doors, shelves and corners. I enjoy so many of the notable details within this place, but would love to know, which are your favorites?

Images: Coté Paris, Fév/Mar 2011, by Jean-Marc Palisse

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Giveaway: The Winner

And without another moment, I would like to congratulate the ever stylish Erin, of Apartment #34 on being the winner of the $400 gift card to Obakki! Now comes the fun—what to choose?

Image: "Cabin fever" by Rupert Tapper, discovered via Life In Pics

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Fabulous Giveaway

Win a $400 gift card to shop at Obakki* online or in store.

Spring has arrived, and as we enjoy longer, lovelier days, we look forward to those wonderfully memorable, care-free moments and adventure—of days so long, and languorous evenings that seem to stretch on and on, blissfully, and without a trace of care. We are reminded of the beautiful scents, flavours, and sights to enjoy, that only this warmer time of year may bring; of slices of juicy, fresh fruit, walks in the city, sun-filled beach days, and sandy toes. And, of course, it is completely inevitable that all we wish to do is be a part of it all...

Which brings me to one of my most favorite brands, Obakki. Obakki is a luxury fashion brand based in Vancouver (and recognized internationally) that focuses on urban, easy-to-wear and effortlessly cool clothing—perfect for moments such as these. For their Spring/Summer collection, as you see, the mood is just that—completely carefree, spontaneous, easy, and wonderfully feminine, with a slightly raw twist. Brought together for the collection is a gorgeous palette of neutrals and soft tea rose, mixed with stronger tones of black, blues and military greens, in incredibly luxurious fabrics. Below is a look at some of the many beautiful pieces of the season:

The inspiration for this collection was drawn from the adventurous spirit of a road trip, offering styles that have been designed with "images of sun-kissed days on a beach and cool nights filled with campfires, outdoor parties and music festivals in mind." Perfect for the lady on the go, heading to a business meeting and is in need of a tailored dress, or on her way out for a tea date with a best friend on a Saturday afternoon, or for whirlwind trips, with plane tickets booked at the very last minute, where all you truly want to wear is that fabulous flowing dress and your favorite sandals...

One lucky reader will win a $400 gift card to Obakki
(may be used in store or at their online shop)

To Enter, please:
01 Sign up to Obakki's mailing list (Obakki will email the winner)
02 Leave a comment below, selecting which look you would love to wear most

✕ Contest ends on March 29th / the lucky winner will be chosen at random / open worldwide
Good Luck!

Images: courtesy of Obakki, by Candace Meyer

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interior: White Pigment

Authentic meets refreshed.

I hope you are all having a lovely evening! I must say, I am rather excited about a giveaway that will be announced quite shortly. But until then, I couldn't resit sharing this wonderful home with you. A large canvas of white seems to set the tone so well... the feeling is neither ostentatious nor cluttered, but a serene, open, light feeling instead. And though white is prominently used, there are surprising touchpoints of lavish color for interest and fun. (I adore the green vase) Recently renovated, I truly enjoy how some elements have been preserved so well, (like some of the wood beams and flooring) while others have been given a new life, with paint and a little work. It seems like the perfect retreat, don't you agree?

Images: Vogue Australia Sept/Oct 2010, by Martin Morell

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Interior: Juicy Colors

A vivacious palette lends to a cheerful home.

It is a rare delight to come across a home, or space even, that embodies a number of colors that perfectly come together. The result offers quite an intriguing and endearing space—or in this case, spaces. Perhaps it is the grounding greens paired with their compliment, magenta, that seems to set the tone, especially with a good dose of light white for ease to the eye. As a design rule, this will always work, and yet with surprising additives such as purple, red and even orange, the overall feeling is elated... don't you find?

Images: Art & Décoration, by: Christophe Rouffio

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot

A woman to admire and celebrate.

I had begun preparing for today's post last night, and while gathering some images of individual ladies that have, over the years, become incredible icons, and after our exploration of images of Sophia Loren, as well as her life and work, today is Brigitte Bardot—another most favorite, classic lady.

Growing up, I had always thought of Brigitte as an intensely confident and radiant woman.  Sweet, cheerful and yet seductive. She was a model, an actress, she is a mother. She was a dancer, and in fact, was accepted to the Conservatoire de Paris, where she focused on ballet for years before venturing into different work as a model, (and featured in French Elle magazine at just 15!) singer, actress and animal rights activist.

I hope you enjoy these photographs—some classic favorites and perhaps a few new ones to enjoy. As we see, Parisian Bardot seems to have such a love of fun polka dots, striking eyeliner and bold lipstick; Her stylish flair having been studied and admired for years. "In fashion the Bardot neckline (a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders) is named after her. Bardot popularized this style which is especially used for knitted sweaters or jumpers although it is also used for other tops and dresses." She is also said to have started and made famous the choucroute hairstyle—choucroute in French is also the name of a sort of beehive hair style, with a slightly disorderly appearance, and apparently first sported by the French actress. Despite her fame, she was known as being soft-hearted...

Images: link / quote: link

Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome, Spring

A new season, a new week & new inspiration.

With the announcement of Spring, I am more than happy to begin the week on a fresh note, with new inspiration, and of a much lighter nature. I am really looking forward to the longer days ahead that ream more productive hours, sun-filled mornings and wonderful, fresh things that only Spring may bring. And to begin this week, a warm thank you to the talented Lene, of The Essence of the Good Life, for the lovely awards. I am honored. And also, a second thank you to my David for the assistance in adding a facebook "like" button for each Haute Design post. What are you looking forward to most about Spring?

+ this week's discoveries: a Vogue Italia editorial that is so divine! / colorful textures & a gallery / color inspiration: dreaming of fuschia / how delightful: girls night in / outdoor living & fun: playhouses for children... or adults who like a little escape, of course! / a ladylike collection: Sandro / delicate, laser-cut ballet flats / a delectable little shop, full of sweet treats / beautiful style: selective eclectic / and lastly, a new favorite soap from Oliver & Lilly's that I am so enjoying...

Images: Provence Interiors, Taschen, 01, 04: Erica Lennard, 02: 03: Jérôme Darblay; Deidi von Schaewen / Philippe Seulliet 05: Jean-Pierre Godeaut 06: Deidi von Schaewen

Friday, March 18, 2011

Style: City Chic

Love and care.

Good morning, friends! The weekend is almost upon us, and throughout this week, I have been watching and reading news and updates on the situation in Japan. It is heartbreaking, as I cannot even begin to imagine how the citizens must be feeling at this moment. However you personally choose to deal with the disaster—whether giving prayers and/or donations, as mentioned earlier in the week, I hope that you take a moment to appreciate the air we breath, the comfort of knowing that we may get in our cars and go to work, to dinner, to bed at night, with very little worry, really. And as I share this beautiful editorial, I am reminded of the young children around us, that are quite possibly confused by the entire event, and how necessary it is to teach them to care, to be empathetic, to appreciate. These children are our future—how precious and important they are...

Images: Photographed by Nick Scott for Madison AU April 2011, from Dustjacket Attic
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