Thursday, February 24, 2011

Style: Romantic Classics

Blouse, Chloé / Trench, Burberry

I find that the older I get, the more I value classic investment pieces in my wardrobe. They have definite purpose, but they are also a pleasure to look at as well as to wear—both well-designed and well-fitting. These two pieces above, worn by the lovely Diana Kruger are just that, and made especially chic with an easy, no-fuss updo. Do you have a favorite, classic piece, vintage or new, that you just adore?

images: Diane Kruger by Norman Jean Roy for Glamour US March 2006, link


  1. oh wow, prettiest looks ever, so classic and feminine

  2. I love classics! A nice trench, a timeless blouse.. and I love Diane! (though she's looking way too photoshopped in that first pic :S) x

  3. I think this trench could be my new classic. XO

  4. for me, it's a classic white blouse/shirt - to wear with anything from jeans to a suit - I love the trench and am thinking that is something I need to add as a classic staple to my wardrobe

  5. I'm in love with that white blouse..gorgeous romantic details..would be able to wear to work too!

    Hope your week is going great Sarah :)

  6. I have always been fond of classical, feminine looks, but I also enjoy flirting with colour.
    I adore a nicely tailored trousers and cashmere jumper for the colder season. For warmer wearing I tend to lean more toward the classical black dress or the french mini shirt.

  7. these look soo good! i would wear them... funny thing, that i might just be the opposite, in my twenties i wore nice blazers (but always dressed down to some extent... i'm not a natural born classic type), but now you mostly find me in jeans and tees. i still like shirts and blazers, but don't wear them very often. i do have a nice trech, not an ivestment piece, but it's nice. and when i was young, i had a beatiful pair of YSL pants in the reddest of reds... now, that was a piece i really adored.

    lots of hugs, Sarah!

  8. Beautiful pieces!! I love that blouse.

  9. I couldn't agree more. Trench coats are definitely timeless. I don't buy many expensive things, but I would put in good money to find that perfect trench. I'm hoping this summer will be the season I finally find one.

    You can never go wrong with a white blouse. I love white button-ups! I can totally picture you in those two pieces, stunning :)

  10. Beautiful, Sarah!
    Love the blouse especially, and the trench is very classic.

  11. That trench is stunning!! LOVE!


  12. I couldn't agree more. Classic pieces are also always a staple in my wardrobe... these photographs are gorgeous. I especially love outerwear, trenches particularly. With respect to your question, I purchased a vintage bouclé coat in black with a lovely white embroidery trim that I completely love and wear in the fall.

    Hope all is well, Sarah!

    Take care and all the very best,

    Linda, xo

  13. Love this - especially on the effortlessly beautiful Diane Kruger.

    Andrea x

  14. ThAt shirt is just gorgeous and glamorous...
    love it!! Thank you for your kind comment on our blog last week :)

    Laura xoxo

  15. Hi Sarah - oh these images just made me gasp! That blouse! She is so beautiful and I love that you share just the details - I find with your blog posts it's always so finely tuned! Lou x

  16. wow that is an old editorial! i used the bottom image in a collage that i made years ago, i can't believe i'm seeing it again!

  17. Such gorgeous finds! I want that coat and blouse.

  18. Lou: oh, thank you so so much—one of the most kind compliments to date, I believe :)

    Holly Anne: how wonderful... quite classic, aren't they?


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