Sunday, February 6, 2011

18 Karat: Collection 21

The *new* collection of furniture and accessories.

First off, congratulations to local 18 Karat for winning an industry award for Best Decorative Accessories Company! The ARTS Awards are presented once a year in Dallas, in conjunction with the Dallas Market Center, and are North America’s industry awards for decorative accessory companies specific to design, wholesale and retail. I could not think of a company more deserving. Their signature approach, with their commitment to natural and renewable materials, the environment, providing soothing pieces to enhance our everyday living, and for their appreciation of creativity, has made them into a truly great company, now internationally recognized.

I find their use of natural materials both livable and beautiful. For this collection, they have played with some classics as well as new shapes and materials. Some of my favorites include: marble and metal, wood, basketry, leaf veins, (seen in both photography and paintings) crystalline, amorphous shapes, alpaca wool, crystalgeodes, and clay. They truly bring their customers into the full 18 Karat experience through their catalogues and the use of images of different destinations that they travel to, as well as some key words that represent the thinking behind the creations, and creatives involved. I love how they travel to international destinations, bringing back nature from all over the world and seamlessly integrating it into living spaces in a fabulous way.

On a side note, I would love to purchase one of those low, almost flower shaped vases, (as seen on the coffee table) with the matte exterior and the surprise of shiny coloured glaze inside—my favorite is undoubtedly white with copper interior. What a great and bold signature piece!

— images: 18 Karat, catalogue for Collection 21


  1. ..and she is back!!!! fabulous post!!! miss you!! Hope you are having a fabulous week!!

  2. ooooh i love that last pic so so much!

  3. beautiful. i love the scale of these pieces.

  4. Sasha: I am! It's been a busy, busy week. Glad to be back, and lots more to share soon :)

  5. The vases are gorgeous. I get so excited looking at these pieces, as I am taking ceramics now.
    Hope your week is going well.

  6. Sarah these are gorgeous and the last image is my favorite.

  7. Beautiful images and design. Thanks!

  8. love the organic feel to these pieces...I'm finding myself drawn more and more to that...gorgeous designs...

  9. Great pieces! Love the natural shapes and love the shape for tulips!
    Thanks for always bringing new items!
    You are a great resource!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  10. Oh thankyou Sarah- I love everything!


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