Monday, January 3, 2011

Taste: Paris Bistro Cooking

A wonderful book that leads to discovery and interesting details.

After such a hectic but wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve, I stride into this brand new week and year feeling optimistic, refreshed and ambitious. Over the weekend, re-organizing was tackled, and there are now two carloads worth of things to give away. I somewhat feel that if I possess things within my reach that I do not use and others could benefit from, and yet I do not give them, I am holding them back from having such items. And so, I am happy that tomorrow morning a load will be off to the thrift store.

So many things about a new year call us to action—organization, exercise and getting back to a healthy lifestyle included. For myself, after a few pounds have managed to make there way to my sides, I crave nothing more than getting back to feeling great. Specifically, back to eating in moderation. And who better to learn from than the French—who do not diet, but eat and enjoy fresh and naturally organic food and beverages, in moderation. A wonderful book that is both informative and appealing comes to mind is Paris Bistro Cooking, by Linda Dannenberg. Inside, you will find beautiful images of French bistros, fabulous tidbits of information and delicious recipes to enjoy. (including a delicious clafoutis recipe) I highly recommend it!

— images: 0102, 04, 05, by Guy Boughet, 03 link


  1. Hi Sarah - I so agree that this time of year makes me want to clear things out. And eating in moderation? Yes please. In olden days it was meant to be that Christmas was this mid-winter feast so that people celebrated and overate as they never had the chance at any other time of year. Now we can do it all the time; yet are completely married to the tradition of over-eating at Christmas. It never fails to amaze me how you see people in supermarkets stock-piling food as if the shops won't be open for weeks. Crazy. I am facing a new year of new starts too so will check out your recommended book here :-) Lou xx

  2. I would love my eating pattern to be more French... I'm very curious about the book now, thanks for recommending. Good luck with and enjoy your fresh start of this year. Fabulous images!

  3. Beautiful pics. I re-organizes my home office the last 2 days. A book "Clear your clutter with Feng Shui" inspired me.

  4. I will have to pick up that book. These images are wonderful. Perhaps we should just all move to Paris and officially live as the French! xo

  5. My grandmother used to make the best clafoutis!!! This is a french woman writing who desperately needs to shed 10 pounds gained over the last year. i just drank leak potage for 2 days... desperate for some delicious pastry...

  6. I will find the book. Love bistro cooking.
    Thank you for sharing, Sarah!
    Happy New Year!

  7. LOVE the first image, makes me want to get pretty and go to Paris myself :)
    I too have been organizing and giving away, feels good to cleanse of all the clutter. Hope your New Year has been grand so far xo

  8. Blogger Jacquelyn said...

    One of my favorite books...I love how it tells stories about the Bistros featured. I too need to get back on track after too many sweets, and snacking. Purging items in your home so that someone else may enjoy them is the best way to start the year...and Clafoutis, mmmm, I love making it....

  9. Gorgeous tones.
    So warm. SO chic!
    That books sounds really interesting.

  10. Love these beautiful shots!! I have long been a fan of Linda Dannenberg. I worked on her Paris Way of Beauty book years ago. And she has a new book out French Country Diary.

  11. Such gorgeous pics! All that talk of French cooking and eating sounds utterly delicious! :)


  12. Happy New Year Sarah! I will definitely be looking into Paris Bistro Cooking! I agree, with the start of each year, the things we put off for so long the year before, demand attention. Such as re-organization and getting back to healthy lifestyles. It really is the best time of year because you're focused and committed to get back to routine. But that commitment and focus fizzles down within two months for most people. So I really hope, this year is different, and we can all accomplish what we want to :)

  13. Dearest Sarah,

    Great post with a lot of depth, like the previous one! We too did give away things we had abundantly, before the Christmas season to someone we know has very little. It makes the giver even more pleasure than the recipient!
    What a great bistro style images! Love the bistro chairs and the chocolate ice cream with the cookie that reads 'Avec Amour' or With Love...
    Enjoy your week and have a very satisfying and productive 2011. You sound like a very classy person with lots of inner-beauty!


    Mariette's Back to Basics

  14. Happy New Year, Sarah!
    ...Two carloads, very impressive! You inspired me to do a bit of reorganizing my place too! I'm starting with the closet tomorrow.
    Have a fabulous week!

  15. I love that first pic! With all her jewels and fur and that hat and the little puppy! She is who I want to be when I grow up!

  16. I just found your blog and I adore it! So many gorgeous images. Pure Heaven!

  17. Happy New Year, sweet friend. I love Paris {my husband proposed there} and we spent 15 glorious days exploring the city again and again. I love this book and it is on my list thanks to you.xo

  18. I love the photos of this wonderful Art-Nouveau Cafe. Thank you for this post and a Happy New Year 2011. Regards

  19. nice images!!!!

    have a Happy New Year....!!

    kisses! Rose

  20. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season dear Sarah. I've missed your chic blog during the holiday time...and I adore your 'eating in moderation" subject :-)

    Happy New Year and much love to You: Evi

  21. I'd really like to browse through that book! It looks amazing.

  22. Lou: you are SO right!

    Quintessence: how wonderful! you are so talented... and I will definitely look into other publications :)

    Marianne: thank you and welcome

    Mariette: you make me blush with you comments / such a kind person you are! sending love you way :)

  23. What a STUNNING blog you have!

    This post is great, 'cause even though I'm not really into strange food and all, this book really makes me think I could enjoy it! Gorgeous pics! :)


  24. Great post! I'm also cleaning out my closets this week. I've heard that holding on to old things that you no longer wear prevents you from moving forward to a new stage in your life. Wishing you a very happy new Year, Isabelle

  25. I was just thinking the same thing Sarah (regarding your comment on my blog). I have been wanting to stop by and finally found time as this first week back into the new year has slowed down a bit from its frantic pace. Your blog always impresses me and is a treat for the eyes. I love all of the images in this post and the mere mention of France makes me swoon.
    Have a lovely weekend. It is always nice to see that you have stopped by. :)

  26. The Simply Luxurious Life: likewise :)


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