Friday, January 21, 2011

Designer: Sandra Haischberger

Feinedinge* products are made with love, sustainable, beautiful!

Feinedinge* is an Austrian/Vienna based porcelain design company founded in 2005 by Sandra Haischberger. Sandra sought to create a wonderful line of products that includes tableware, home accessories and light objects, that are just as beautiful and useful as they are sustainable. Each piece is handmade in their Viennese studio, making each a completely unique design item—lovely!

"The products combine textured surfaces and delicate structures on the exterior of the objects. With the latest range `ALICE´ for example, (image 01, 02 and 03) colour is tinted through the porcelain clay to provide a colour depth not available from surface glazing. Clear glaze is then applied to the interior of each piece leaving the exterior with a vitrified stone-like surface, which becomes smooth with handling. The functional design and colour of the range gives the products great flexibility and allows them to be combined in many different ways." Above are some of my most favorite designs, the ALICE being my most favorite collection of all. Such great colors and possible combinations. Which one(s) do you like best?

— images courtesy of Feinedinge


  1. Love the bowl with the gold stripe and flower... very pretty.

  2. The black on black design is my favorite. But I am fascinated by the genius technique of the Alice collection. I love that the texture smooths the more you use it.

  3. my, these are beautiful... absolutely agree with you... the first collection (Alice) is my favourite, too... colors, textures, everything... and how beautiful is the combination is matte and shiny finishes.
    lots of hugs,

  4. Gosh, So lovely pieces..These are beautiful! the smooth textures,the great sizes,the colors ...they are all gorgeous indeed!thanks for sharing

  5. I really love the black rose/gold band.
    It's adult, glam and cool.
    All at once!

  6. Absolutely love them! Such sensual lines combined with delicate, feminine colours, just perfect! I know I've gone a little silent recently, Sarah...been really busy styling more and less important celebs for magazines :-) I hope you are having a great week! Take care xox

  7. Aga P.: that is absolutely wonderful news! I would love to know more about this styling and am so excited for you -- you are so talented :)


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