Friday, January 14, 2011

Branding: Anna & Marina

Beautiful branding by design firm Province, of Russia.

Good morning! Friday is upon us, though I can scarcely believe it. This week has been so so busy, and I apologize if you have emailed earlier this week and have not yet received a response. I will reply very soon... but onto the beautiful work of Province, and a look at their branding and the scope of design for the fashion brand, Anna & Marina. As you scroll down, I hope you enjoy a close look at the branding and the many components that have been designed...

"Anna & Marina is a new Russian premium and luxury clothing brand aimed at customers who value status, prestige, uniqueness, exclusivity, self-sufficiency and customized approach to all things around. The approved concept of the logo and identity was built on the saying "like mother, like daughter", or alternatively "where there's an apple on the ground, there must be an apple tree around".  Many generations of women have been brought up on this concept. The apple symbolizes the touching mother and daughter relationship, continuity and adherence to tradition." (to read more extensive information on their concept and strategy, click here) I really enjoy both the concept and story as well as the execution—both modern and traditional sensibilities have been taken into account with regards to the illustration and branding and type treatment. Both memorable and incredible interesting! I would love to know your thoughts...

— images: with thanks to my David for such a find! Province via Behance (quote via Behance)  


  1. Yeap, that's quite the elegant, and well considered branding work. Specially love the illustrations :)

  2. Ohh my I love the floral print on the 5th do last image. Elegant and simple. I would love that as a wallpaper.
    And I love the apple/ mother & daughter concept...

  3. Hi sweetheart! I missed you...
    Thanks for introducing me to this brand. Everything looks so incredibly chic and, yes, expensive. The post was also very special to me because it's a part of Russia...

    Wishing you a gorgeous happy sunny and super-relaxing weekend!


  4. lovely, yes! love that tree. I'm back from my few days of relaxing. isn't it good to start the week on Friday, darling? happy weekend Sarah! xo

  5. i love it, too. the modern and the traditional can beautifully live together here.
    wishing you a lovely weekend,

  6. Gorgeous, elegant and the illustrations are great.

  7. The designer's did a great job with the branding, I'm amazed!

    On another note: I don't use the tv I have, so I'm going to have to watch all the highlights tomorrow on my laptop (I've become remote control disabled...too many buttons!) lol.


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