Friday, December 31, 2010

Bonne Année à Tous

Excitement and cheer is on the rise as the new year approaches.

Tomorrow marks the very first day of 2011, and as we are all getting ready to celebrate, my mind reflects on 2010 and all that has happened. New friendships, fun trips, great projects, exciting news, new ventures, touching moments, and much, much more... and although 2010 was such a wonderful year, I have a suspicion that the new year will be even better than the last! And so, tonight we celebrate—I, inspired by Marie Antoinette, in a soft blush sequined dress and heels, will be celebrating with close family and friends, with multi-cultural food, including French, Italian and Spanish, beautiful drinks and heavenly desserts and treats... there will be a bow around Casey's neck, (puppy) perhaps balloons floating around the spaces, and special tea in pastel teacups with gold trim... I cannot wait! And lastly, as for resolutions, I remain true to myself and resolve to make a promise for others. This year, I will try to give more to the less fortunate. Perhaps not overly grand, but sometimes a simple gesture is just perfect... What do you have in store for tonight, and also, for the coming year?

— images: 01, 02, 05, 06, 09,10 / 03, 08 Coté Est Hiver '07, by: Christine Fleurent / 04, 07 Coté Ouest Déc—Jan '10, by: Frédéric Vasseur

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photography: Ayten Alpun

Blustering winds, secluded surroundings and elegance.

Such a drastic contrast of qualities that will almost always be successful in highlighting all that is of beauty, I find... new / old, raw / refined, tamed / untamed, constructed / deconstructed... I especially enjoy the lace introduced into the first gown as a surprise, as well as the glittering pumps in the second, the cream and magenta gowns, and that ethereal blouse, featured in the last image. Do you have a favorite?

— images: Kira Mazura by Ayten Alpun for Marie Claire Turkey January 2011, fgr

After All

A time of being grateful and of reflection.

After such a wonderful Christmas, we return back to our daily life, a little more joyful, a little more full (and I'm not merely referring to the abundance of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc., etc.) ... This Christmas, there were three dinners—a pre-Christmas dinner with family members who could not be here over Christmas, followed by two large turkey dinners. Three Christmas trees in different sizes graced the dining room, and the house was filled with the scent of live greens, candles, beautiful decorations and twinkling lights... we had a large Christmas day breakfast after gift opening, and fond memories to look back on... what remains is a card on my nightstand that brought tears to my eyes, Audrey, plenty of fashion and fashionable accessories, new boots, books, magazines, and many, many more new things to enjoy... and while Christmas is considerably over, there is a bit of a nostalgic pause given to this short window of time each year, just before the new one is about to begin... How was your Christmas?

— images: 01 / 02, 03, via, by Marie Olsson Nylander

Saturday, December 25, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 25

Merry Christmas to you and yours*

Today marks the final post for the L'avènement de Noël series. I hope that you have enjoyed the series, and the range of ideas and beauty shared. A warm thank you for each and every comment, email, facebook message, and tweet about the series. I am so happy to have such wonderful friends all over the world, and to be able to connect and share in inspiration. And today, I am overwhelmed with the joy and happiness in my heart, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you for all of the lovely emails, gifts, cards and notes that have been sent my way for Christmas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope that your Christmas is filled with much love, smiles, new memories, and above all else,  joy*

+ a special announcement: the winner of the beautiful pearl and ribboned necklace is... Julie @ Haute Khuuture / congratulations to you, Julie! (I will be in touch soon)

— images: Vogue Hellas December 2010 / Photographs: Mara Desypris / Model: Madysin Ritland

Friday, December 24, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 24

Christmas Eve*

I'm a little terribly excited as I type this post, featuring the second to last post within the L'avènement de Noël series. Oh, I so look forward to Christmas Eve. It was beautiful—a bustling, yet warm evening, new decorations with twinkling lights, curtained archways with bows and wreaths, enjoying the smell of a delicious, fresh cake and Christmas music. On went my favorite sequined dress, belted of course, with a pewter blazer and high heels... and then onto church and beautiful music; music that seemed to pour from the stage to the ceiling, and into every single warm seat and little corner, out the double doors and into the streets... the pure sound of joy rang... it rang... and as the night comes to a close, we all snuggle cozily in our beds, with dreams of tomorrow—the excitement and happiness that awaits and most especially, the joy... may your heart also be filled with much joy this evening...

— images: by Peter Lindbergh

Thursday, December 23, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 23

Inspired table settings.

As Christmas dinners are just around the corner, I turn my attention from overall Christmas decor in the home, to the main table—defining the look and feel for this year. I find it to be such great fun, putting together a different look with different elements each year. And so, I thought it most appropriate to share some wonderful tabletop ideas that I have collected for Christmas dinner—whether you are attending (and can serve breakfast there instead) or hosting. We often play with the look of the dining table hours before cooking the dinner—getting the look for the current year just so. I am excited to try image no. 02 with layered glass pieces and shimmering lights—though a combination of a few would certainly look lovely. Do you have a look in mind?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 22

One of my most favorite gifts to give and to receive is jewelry. I find that certain pieces selected can offer sentiment or special meaning, or perhaps are just perfectly suited to the receiver. Max and Chloe offers such a wonderful range of pieces—something for all tastes and styles, whether you are searching for something funky and young, incredibly sophisticated, or simple and elegant, and from several different lines. From pretty earrings, to very artistic bracelets, there are many fun pieces of jewelry to suit. If you're purchasing a gift for someone and are not certain as to what they might like, they do offer gift cards, and online shopping for convenience. Below are some of my favorite pieces from their Blu Bijoux collection:

A Christmas giveaway!

I am most excited to be giving away this lovely piece of jewelry from Max and Chloe! From the Blu Bijoux collection, this beautiful pearl necklace shown below* To enter, please let me know which post from the L'avènement de Noël series has been your favorite so far, followed by your email address. (if I am unable to contact you through your blog) Open to those in the U.S.A only. The winner will randomly be chosen on December 25th—and, good luck!

— fashion images featuring Kirsten Dunst: link / jewelry images: Max and Chloe

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 21

Outfit inspiration: Fanciful Blossoms.

Berry tones combine with feminine dress shapes to create a lovely and delicate look... after some makeup inspiration, (notice the berry lips above?) we move onto some beautiful outfit inspiration for Christmas. Dresses and heels. Always a classic look, but not necessarily an overtly Christmas-y look, don't you find? Also, two brand new guest posts to visit: How Do You Hibernate (Apartment #34) and Advent Calender (Desde my Ventana) ... and soon, a little surprise...

— images: Greg Sorensen
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