Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Weekend

An artsy weekend.

I have the desire to paint something this weekend... is that silly? Not a picture, but furnishings, in fact. I used to spend much more time re–working vintage or antique pieces. Half of the fun seemed to lie in the hunt—to spend possibly hours searching for that specific character piece, or something completely surprising, that would be impossible to walk by. To just imagine how it could look, given a new life, and just a little imagination and attention. Perhaps because I've always tackled such projects during Autumn months in the past, it's beginning to slightly feel like a tradition of sort. Currently, I'm looking for some frames. With a small projects in mind, I hope to stop by some of my most favorite vintage/antique shops. Do you like to re–work furnishings, too, or have a fun project in mind? Thank you so much for stopping by this week, and for such kind notes... I wish you a wonderful weekend and end to October!


images by: Todd Marshard

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sumptuous Spaces / Paris

A beautiful combination of new and old world.

With its exquisite herringbone oak flooring, vast windows, plasterwork, and high ceilings, the beautifully appointed details of this historical building itself lends to such character and grandeur. I truly appreciate and enjoy the care and attention that architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty took in the design and modernization of this home. They wanted to create a grand space space that was grounded, and never ostentatious. That is exactly how it feels... I want to curl up on that glorious, velvety–gold sofa (from B&B Italia) with a cup of coffee and relax. The only thing missing, for me at least, are some fabulous open–weave linen and/or silk curtains to grace the main windows and puddle on the ground. I could just pack my bags and move in an instant!

images: Elle Decoration, UK, by Gaelle le Boulicaut, also {this is glamorous} + the diversion project

Modern Warmth

Autumn comforts and details at different touch points in the home.

The weekend is upon us and I'm very much looking forward to having it completely work–free! (I so rarely take weekends off) I hope you have some fun plans in store and fully enjoy every minute of it. With November just around the corner, I find warm comforts are more necessary than ever. From clustered lanterns and candles, easy slipcovers and mats, to cooking, blankets and wraps, there are plenty of simple touches of Autumn/Winter to add to your home. On a side note, isn't that entry in the first image beautiful?

images: 01 Living Etc. 05 Varenna, remaining 18K

NoaNoa Celebration

Nothing short of magic.

NoaNoa does it again... and this time, continuing on from their latest collection—one of Autumn pieces with great comforts, a bit of sparkle and wonderful layering potential—this collection—one of sheer romance and drama. This lovely new lookbook takes us back in time, with dim spaces and touches of light, with the notion of theatre and drama, and an abundance of inspiration. A silky tie in lieu of a necklace, feathers, loosely tied, airy scarves, glittery jewelry, a touch of glamour with your favorite cozy sweater, soft, smokey eyes and a nude lip, and to top it off, a simple, suitable chignon.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Opposites Attract

Inspiration: Row Lewis

I am completely smitten with my new find: Citizen Couture. Jason Jean, former tax professional turned freelance photographer, is the talented man behind the lens, capturing some inspiring styles. "After several years in the public accounting industry while diagnosed with juvenile glaucoma and becoming partially blind," he decided to explore his creative side and began "shooting mid-2008 and fell in love with capturing style/fashion while connecting with various inspirational people throughout the world."

I was instantly taken with his website aesthetics as well as his photography and couldn't wait to share these images featuring Row Lewis—an art history graduate and aspiring fashion journalist. She is certainly inspiring and so natural. I love how she has donned an elegant, frosty blue gown with an edgy–chic jacket and gorgeous hat. Intriguing? yes. Effective? certainly. She is wearing an: ASOS leather jacket / Topshop dress / River Island boots / Lock & Co. hat / vintage belt + jewelry.

images: with permission and courtesy of,
Citizen Couture

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Dash of Light

A beautiful bedroom, encompassed in comfort + light.

It's Monday and to begin the week, I have some wonderful finds to share: a beautiful candle set (look at the box!) / inspiration: autumn greens + golds / the perfect set for the girl on–the–go / the recipe of the banana + honey pudding cake, featured in Milk / inspiration: living with nature / a beautiful inspiration board: ethereal circus / a lovely shop that houses unique products / inspiration: decorate your exterior with love this Autumn / stack your favorite past issues to create a chic bedside table / so cute: Lord of the Rings Hobbiton transformed into a town for sheep / Sasha, so sweet / (good thing I have two) belt it up— / + lastly, an incredible, crystal–embellished feather clutch that will leave you speechless...

image: La Maison Fran├žaise, by JeanMarc Palisse

Saturday, October 23, 2010


A luxurious and soothing essential.

Whether it be for cooking, baking or bathing, milk can be very beneficial. Not only does it strengthen your bones and supply you with much-needed calcium, it also helps to smooth and exfoliate your skin. In fact a "milk bath is nothing but a regular bath, with milk added to it. But, it is has been the age-old secret of beautiful and glowing skin. Milk bath is mainly famous for its association with the legendary beauty Cleopatra, who is considered to be one of the most beautiful women of the history. It is believed that Cleopatra used to submerge herself in a bath of milk and honey regularly, and this was believed to have been the secret behind her soft and radiant skin." To read more into the benefits and for a few tips and how-to's, click here. It is veritable that our skin craves a little extra care and attention during the cooler months of the year. A little effort goes a long way—indulge in a soothing bath and some wonderful products and enjoy...

Clockwise from top: 01 Pre de Provence soap bar / 02 Nigella Lawson milk jug / 03 Etro body milk / 04 Milk Blossom Tall Perfumed Luminary / 05 Me! Bath mini ice cream bag / 06 Milk body wash / 07 Oat bath milk

images: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08, 09 / 10 + ddd / 11 / 12 /13

Vila, Denmark

Vila: Sept/Oct 2010 collection.

I hope your weekend is off to a lovely start! Do you have any fun plans in store? I have a Thanksgiving dinner to go to that was postponed until this Sunday—it's going to be quite the feast, and I'm very much looking forward to it. As more and more parties and events are just around the corner, it's always fun to pick up a few fun pieces to wear, isn't it? I certainly wouldn't mind that lovely, silvery dress or those glamorous sequined shorts.

If you haven't yet seen Vila, I hope you are just as delighted to discover them as I was the other day. Here are a few notes from their designer: "This fall's must–haves will give you a cool daywear look and update your going-out wardrobe. Shorts with sequences all-over, slim-fitted dresses with puffed shoulders and ethnic patterns on cozy knit cardigans are just some of the trends that characterize the collection. Laces are also a must. Mix with leather for an elegant edge to your party wear."

images: via their site
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