Thursday, September 30, 2010

Living Divani, Italy

Classic furnishings and beautiful spaces.

Good evening, friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. As work has been especially hectic, I am treasuring this time I have to share some of my recent findings with you—and specifically, I couldn't wait to share this furniture design company, called Living Divani. Their pieces offer such simplistic, thoughtful lines and sturdy structures, and as they put it, "comfort and whispered distinction for a new harmony". Personally, I'm completely taken with those striking, strong, magenta chairs, as well as the green ones, and the white sofas. Unlike so many furnishings that are on the market today, I find these pieces easy, relaxed and livable, yet very, very chic. Do you have a favorite?

images: their site

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Detail of the Week

Lace bowls.

Some pieces force you stop in your tracks and stare for a few moments—like these. "A refined and emotionally poetic object of intense tactility and visual softness. Oriental embroidery pattern meets Western elegant lace. These bowls express wedding blessing that Chinese mothers give to their daughters. The porcelain's gradient transparency plays with light that almost penetrates the membrane–like surface which is thinner on the top and thicker on the bottom." I am completely enamored with these artful, delicate pieces, by Yii, as well as their meaning and expression. Click here to browse through more of their work. Just incredible!

images + quote: Yii


Valentino, Winter 10/11.

Oh, what I would give to wear one of these incredibly gowns. Aren't they stunning? I find that so much of the love of fashion and design lies within the dream... the dream of wearing something so beautiful. Though certainly not as incredible as these, I have a very special dress hanging in my closet—one that is simply cut, as deep as midnight, and sweeps the ground with its delicate layers. It was a gift from my Mother, from an auction we attended. I brought it home this Summer, and every once in awhile, I peek at it, dreaming of different places that I might wear it to one day. It's the sort of dress that feels like magic, the second you put it on... do you have a piece like that?

images captured by Mario Sierra

Monday, September 27, 2010

An Energizing Palette

Cool oceanic blue and warm, full–bodied tangerine.

Good morning! I hope that you have had a very full and wonderful weekend. Mine was quietly spent indoors for the most part, with a little work, and catching up on reading and movies that I have been longing to watch for quite some time. While listening to the soundtrack of "A Good Year", I could not wait to share some of my favorite inspiration with you, from 18 Karat. Both strong and fragile textured pieces come together to create a warm, clean and striking environment. I find that orange is such a color of energy, of creativity, and is perfect, paired with such an intense blue. For more inspiration on a similar scheme, visit Odi et Amo—Averill has put together a wonderful post—a must read!

Also, as tradition would have it, I have a mix of finds to share with you: a wonderful book exploring texture and nature / my favorite soap of the moment / I find every inch of this editorial so splendid + fascinating / a dazzling, bead + crystal embellished jacket / library inspiration + classic hat lamps (that I have adored for about 10 years) / a lovely lace dress with a great hem / fabulous laptop + travel bags / and, lastly, the cutest, really the tiniest macarons I have ever seen...

images: 18 Karat

Friday, September 24, 2010

Savoir Faire

Part One of Two.

"I always return to Paris, taking my selves along—past self, customary self, the self I never had." —Helen Bevington, The Journey is Everything. The lovely Helena, of a A Dairy of Lovely, is headed off to Paris today! Off to visit the crown of France, the stylish woman's heaven, the food lover's table, arguably, the most romantic city in the world, the city of lights. Today, we travel along with her... won't you join? Our first stop? To a lovely hotel—time to settle in before exploring the city...

Hotel Plaza Athénée: true symbol of traditional Parisian style, located in the heart of Paris on the famous avenue Montaigne, just steps from the infamous Champs Élysées. "With its views of the chestnut trees lining the full length of the avenue Montaigne, panoramas of the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and the sweep of Paris rooftops, Hotel Plaza Athénée is the perfect luxury Paris hotel in which to be based."

At the centre of Paris fashion, business and tourism, Hotel Plaza Athénée is surrounded by Paris's most exclusive designer shops on avenue Montaigne, including Christian Dior, MaxMara and of of curse, Chanel. It is also quite close to world–famous theatres, the Eiffel Tower and many, many must–visit spots...

After settling in, it's a quick appointment to the lovely spa: Dior Institut, (shown above) conveniently located within this five star hotel, and then? ...well, you will have to click here to find out part two!

images: link

Friday Morning

A warm bouquet for the week's end.

Friday! I do hope you have some fun plans in store for this coming weekend. I have Sunday completely open and hope to visit a few local farms, just an hour away, and to pick up some seasonal treats and decor. Last year, I was really feeling like gathering sticks to bring a little Autumn into my space, but this year, I'm not too sure yet. What about you?

image: link

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Classic Leather

The ever stylish and fabulous, Sarah Jessica Parker.

We've spoken, once before, about her fabulous style, her innate beauty (that glow!) and of course, her talent. She just looks stunning in this leather jacket, doesn't she? A classic piece, with a great cut and color, that suits her style and frame to a tee. I have just one leather jacket—which is camel colored, in a soft, buttery leather, with ruffles down the front that carry onto the sides. It was a Christmas gift from two years ago, but I look forward to bringing it out again each Autumn and giving it a new life with some new outfits. Do you have a favorite leather jacket that you cannot wait to wear again?


Countryside Attire

There is something about the English countryside that is so lovely.

The other day, I was watching "The Secret Garden" and looking through some of our older magazines, particularly at Autumn issues—Victoria, Country Living UK and such, and found such a settling warmth to them. Perhaps its the charming, old stone cottages that have been there for centuries—their wood burning fireplaces, thatched roofs and quaint living spaces so charming. Or perhaps it's the rustic pies that make me want to reach into the pages and sneak a little piece... or maybe it's the the leaves that they show, sprinkling down a long driveway, lined in trees dressed in a myriad of shades of orange, red and brown. Whatever it is, I am truly inspired, and my eye is on England and its beautiful countryside...

Cabbages & Roses: a company synonymous with the English countryside. "With signature refined rustic style, Cabbages & Roses’ adds comfort, function and quality to homes and wardrobes." I enjoy the nod to their roots of tradition and touches of a bygone ere, with such sweet, ladylike styling, yet with some new surprises to the collection. Are you fond of their Autumn collection?

images: their site
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