Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baden Baden

"An art of living, a search for authenticity, the taste for detail, wood craftsmanship in the noble sense of the word." What a beautiful statement of intent, of integrity and designs by Baden Baden, located in Belgium. Their specialty is designing bathroom and kitchen spaces – each one uniquely designed with purpose and authenticity at the forefront. Though, you might notice, they have designed some really amazing dressing rooms, furniture and dining spaces as well! I'm pretty taken with that stunning and well – planned kitchen in the first photo, (oh, those cabinets!) as well as the bedroom, with the puddling fabrics and bold chair for impact. There are so many great ideas here! What do you think? *Also, look out for my guest post on Odi et Amo tomorrow – it's my turn to take part in Averill's wonderful Shop Like a Design Blogger series. Stay tuned!

( all images: Baden Baden )

Anthropologie, July

Sweet subjects and objects—July 2010 Anthropologie.

Oh my... on the tip of and looking ahead into early Fall collections, it seems, but still falling into Summer, this flower–hued photoshoot is surely one of my new favorites! The romantic layers are so perfect. I'm especially loving the first top shown: "Early fall winds cool sumptuous silk ruffles and a still-sweet rosette. By Floreat." So pretty with loose curls and simple pants, don't you think? But then, there's that great military inspired, pretty jacket in the last photo, that is so on–trend... hmm, what to buy?

Of note: today, I am a guest on Sarah's blog, Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins, sharing my signature beach look! There are a few others who have contributed to the series so far—click here to see...

( images: Anthropologie )

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Berry and Stone Wash

This collection of photos (some you might have seen as well as some new ones) has been put together especially for the lovely and sweet Monika, of Splendid Willow. She won this giveaway, and as an added bonus, I took Monika's favorite colors, and put together an inspiration post—I hope you enjoy, friends! On a side note, I am thrilled about Rue—a brand new online magazine, set to launch in September! Click here to learn more. So excited to see the first issue, and for the lovely team of ladies who are working hard to make it amazing!

( images: 01 / 02 /03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 )

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Winner!

I am so happy to announce a winner of this beautiful, textured 18 Karat vase—Monika, of Splendid Willow! Congratulations, Monika! I know this vase will happily fit into your lovely home. And, as per my promise, tomorrow I will put together a moodboard of inspiration in Monika's color scheme of choice: grey, purple, and rich navy blue. For now, enjoy this image—an afternoon outside with a book sounds perfect, doesn't it?

( image: shabby chic )

Monday's Delights

Good afternoon, friends!

I hope your weekend has been nothing short of fabulous, and that you are headed into this new week feeling rested and happy. This evening, I will announce a winner of this giveaway—a beautiful, textured vase. Until then, I have some inspiration, information and fun finds to share with you, like these beautiful photos of Cécile Cassel—they look so delicate and restful, don't they? I'm dying over the fashion and frames! / this new–to–me blog / these adorable creations / a collection of feathers & flowers for inspiration / a closet to love / this incredible house to rent / one sweet bikini / this stunning and unique piece of outdoor furniture / beautifully intricate stencils to embellish cakes or cappuccinos / a tiny Victorian cottage (I want one!) / a thoughtful message box / a pretty room / a mix of beautiful things / and finally, a very important and meaningful event and cause...

( images: Romina Shama )

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hidden Escapes

Unique and incredible hidden escapes, just waiting to be enjoyed.

For every long work day, for every achievement, for every fiasco, for every sad moment, for every happy occasion, or simply, for every day... a beautiful escape can arrive just in time, and become the perfect rescue, backdrop, setting, and comfort. Your very own piece of heaven—to escape from the rest of the world and all of its demands—to share with those you love, or alternatively, to keep as your private, special space to relax in and enjoy. Aren't these incredible? The first one, a courtyard, embracing you with stone and ivy... the second, narrow and tranquil streams and uneven, meandering pathways... leading to the third, an open and fun eating area—ideal for lively dinner parties... I can just imagine candles, lanterns, and music for a fun evening dinner... and ending with the fourth, an incredible tunnel and pond that is so beautiful, it's nearly unbelievable.

As a child, I recall an entire forest area behind my neighbours home, almost like a jungle—we used to spend Summer days running around, picking flowers, building miniature homes and gardens there. It was so much fun. Oh, to be so free... Do you have a little hidden escape? It could be at your home, or a place that you go to for the same escape.

( images scanned: Aug–Sept 2007, Coté Sud // photos: Bernard Touillon )

Spotlight: Milan

The heels are high, the clothing—perfectly tailored, the clutches are perfectly clutched, and the fashionable accessories are utterly fantastic—here is a snippet of Tommy Ton's adventures in Milan at the menswear fashion shows, snapping the stylish and sophisticated as they roam the streets. Warning: in all fairness, please prepare to want to leave your workplace and go shopping! (at least, I feel that way!)

From that vibrant, flouncy floral dress, to those incredible Alaïa shoes, to bangles upon bangles, to military jackets—there are so many inspiring outfits. I admit, I'm quite taken with that polka dot blouse, too... it's so feminine and chic. What is your must–have item right now?

( images: )

Thursday, June 24, 2010

LV Fall 2010 Campaign

Featuring Christy Turlington, Natalia Vodianova & Karen Elson.

The models, the dresses, the handbags... so, so lovely. I would really love any of the handbags featured in the second photo—the hardware, materials and details are just gorgeous! Which one(s) do you like best?

( images: fashion gone rogue // photos: Steven Meisel, styled by: Karl Templer )
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