Friday, May 28, 2010

Twenty Seven East

"Twenty Seven East (27E) is the roadway that runs through the string of seaside towns, known collectively as the Hamptons. A traditional, distinctly American landscape accented by manicured hedges, rolling green lawns, and windswept dunes. The Twenty Seven East Collection was created to capture the ease and classic style of the Hamptons: a place of exquisite beauty, glamour and natural grace."

The Principal of the company, Allyson Mashek, set out to create a collection of truly beautiful things, that are timeless, classic and exhibit an element of quiet luxury. She has spent over two years sourcing the finest materials available and tested in four different factories before she was able to achieve the quality of craftsmanship that she had hoped for. Offering a combination of refined materials such as: alligator, calf, Nile crocodile, as well as canvas that has been milled in Pisa, the collection combines a glamorous mix of textures, shapes and details.

Twenty Seven East—whether you are headed to work in the city and are in need of the Southampton Shopper, or are setting out to the theatre for a date, and cannot leave without the chic Bridgehampton Clutch. They are not only beautiful, but functional. Each piece has hidden details, carefully planned, and in all the right places, leaving you worry–free and at the same time, chic. To me, these are the types of accessories to treasure always, and to pass down to your children and grandchildren. The neutral colors are most ideal, and will take you through season after season, trend after trend, and remain forever stylish, essential and beautiful...

( image 01 TFS / the remaining images are via the company's site )

Tie Me Sweetly

Whether tiny or large, bows are one of the most charming details, I believe...

I cannot get over these pretty Summer shoes, designed by Bruno Frisoni. I picture them climbing the pure white steps of Greece... walking along cobblestone roads in the South of France, headed to the local weekend flea market... or perhaps, to a restaurant in Capri for an exquisite seafood meal and date...where would you take these lovelies? Of note: A heart-warming story, and a chance to help a wonderful cause–please click here to find out more...

( images via Bruno Frisoni )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

La Plage...

An elegant seaside escape, promising a fresh and serene setting...

Featured above is just a taste of one of Ralph Lauren's latest collections, entitled: La Plage..."La Plage captures the tranquil elegance of the seaside with an artful mix of chic and rustic elements and endless nautical shades of blue and white." Beautiful. I adore the woven headboard, rustic bench seating and mantle, as well as the many little details that create this lovely, nautical feel...Click here to view a chic video of the collection—a scrapbook of inspiration, as well as the rest of this wonderful collection.

( images + quote via Ralph Lauren )

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Muted Tones and Layers

Taken from Australian Fashion Week 2010.

What a great look. Head to toe perfect, don't you think? It looks so easy and comfortable, yet luxe and chic... and apparently from Zimmerman. I do enjoy their line of clothing, though I have not yet purchased a piece from them yet. This look is exactly what I have been looking for. Just the other day, I opened up my closet and realized, most of my wardrobe consists of more dressy items. Don't get me wrong, I love dresses, blazers, skirts and such, but once in awhile, a person just wants to be comfortable! And so, to solve my problem, I just purchased a super soft, Summer romper in black with a great rope belt. I think it's the very thing missing in my wardrobe. On a side note, I wonder where she bought her shoes—they are so fabulous!

( image link )

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Delightful Things

Beautiful and delicate pieces from Up in the Air Somewhere.

Today is back to work and weekly routines. I held off sharing some of this week's delights until today, as for many of us, yesterday was part of the long weekend. (and lovely, it was!) With a slow start today, I am happy to share some wonderful things that I've found recently...Delight is these new pieces by Up in the Air Somewhere, that remind me of the beautiful colors, and natural shapes of the beach / A beautiful, silk chiffon dress / Exquisite pieces for the table / New Candy & Caviar clothing / Fun and innovative chopping boards / A nautical–chic, striped dress / A newly renovated fishing cottage / The quintessential Parisian bag / And lastly, an amazing light fixture to admire...

( images via their site )

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Taste of Sunshine

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses."—Hanna Rion

Lovely, ethereal images and feeling captured by photographer Henry Moshizi for the Danish publication, Costume. "Featuring Iza Olak as a sunbathing beauty, the ethereal story showcases feminine looks of floral and lace styled by fashion editor Maiken Winther." As the long weekend is winding down, I am enjoying the last bit of restful time, sitting in my large bay window, in my loungewear, coffee in hand, windows wide open, listening to the gleeful song of the many birds enjoying our large garden...hope you have a lovely day!

Also, a warm thank you for this award!

( quote + images: FGR )

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Small, Simple Pleasures

Whether you are away or are comfortable at home, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Spring is such a wonderful time to take advantage of the changing weather, and spend some time outdoors, getting some fresh air... walk along the shore, stop in at the local farmer's market, (now open!) pick up some beautiful blossoms, read a book, or enjoy a nice, leisurely cup of tea in your lounge wear for as long as you feel like.I find these gorgeous spaces and schemes by Designer's Guild to be so refreshing, Spring–like and cheery. A good dose of pink never hurts. They include everything that makes a weekend perfect to me–tea and sweets, flowers, plenty of rest and some time to relax, talk and read. I have a small stack of new books that I have not yet opened, but I am hoping to start one of them this weekend. Have you been reading anything lovely lately? What are your plans for this long weekend?

Some Fun Weekend Links

* A roundup of local Vancouver events
* A (yes, yet another) book I'm so excited about
* A chic (and irresistible) set of cards
* A look at Chanel Iman's new L.A boutique
* A sweet and soft palette to enjoy
* and lastly, a photoshoot with Claudia. . .

( images: Designer's Guild )

Detail of the Week

Givenchy. Gold buckle + ice blue + cut–outs...oh my...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flower Lantern

Fewer things are more senses–captivating and blissful in life than flowers...we enjoy their unique and simple beauty, scents and textures...we celebrate some of life's most memorable and important moments and occasions with them. We love them surrounding us, whether it be in our homes, gardens, or at special events. Each and every one offers different personalities, meanings, intentions, and messages. They are a wonderful, continuous gift from nature...

Some beautiful floral designs by the talented Kathryn Vernon.

Kathryn has a real passion for flowers, as seen so evidently in her artful arrangements – from angelic and soft wedding bouquets, to striking, bright and modern arrangements, her eye is well–trained and capabilities, wide. "After many years of enjoying working in flower shops, completing as many floral design classes she could find, and gardening until she was dreaming about plants, Kathryn opened Flower Lantern in 2003. It is located in Davis Bay on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. Kathryn draws her inspiration from nature, colour, flowers, and light."

David and I had the pleasure of working together with Kathryn to re-position Flower Lantern—which included re-branding, business cards, photography, styling, and the design of her brand new website. I assisted David with some of the styling and photography you see above, as well as the overall look and feel of the company. Beyond presenting an array of lovely arrangements, we really wanted to focus on the craft of her floral designs—the work, talent and passion that goes into each and every creation. We decided to showcase a bit of the craft, in contrast to the final arrangement that is enjoyed in the end. And, if you have a moment or two, be sure to stop over to her brand new site, and take a look around...

( photography & styling by David Arias and myself )

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Child's Space

A child's space. Their place of rest, comfort, fun, and exploration.

Babies are exciting! Let me begin by saying that I just adore children, decorating for them, as well as dressing them. I have worked in a children's boutique for about six years (part time) and have learned quite a bit during that time...more recently, I have had a few email requests and comments, regarding decorating baby's/children's rooms, and thought I would share some favorites and details. The great thing about decorating for a little one, is that fun can and ought to be interjected!

One thing I strongly believe is that you should ignore the extensive list of equipment and paraphernalia that baby stores request you buy. You do not need it, especially when you have a brand new baby. You only need the essentials in this early stage. As a child grows up, they will naturally accumulate more toys, clothing, accessories, etc. It is important to focus on the basics: a sleeping area, changing area, a chair, and a place of play. This is the fun part! —selecting all of the furnishings and accessories that will create a unique look and feel for your child's space...

Because this is only a single post, I am unable to go into a great amount of detail about each, as well as the many little things parents ought to think about, but I do hope this post inspires you. There are so many decorating styles that you can choose from, such as: whimsical, pretty and light, bright and warm, clean, crisp and modern, ultra–glamorous, or charming and eclectic...the list goes on...You can purchase age–appropriate furnishings or furnishings with the future in mind. Keep in mind, the overall look and feel must sit well with your home, and suit the lifestyle your family leads.


A Few Ideas to Ponder

* An open armoire/hanging area to appreciate all the sweet little outfits that they have
* Baskets or boxes for organizing. They are discreet, long–lasting, and multi–purpose.
* Display and celebrate handmade/personalized touches (use a bulletin board)
* A mirror–children love mirrors!
* Shelves and/or drawer units for books, toys, collectibles, etc.
* Step away from traditional changing tables. A great dresser or table will work well too.
* Canopies or sectioned curtains can create a cozy, comforting environment
* A table and chair set. Seek thrift stores for a chic vintage find, or purchase a quality, new set to pass down
* Add a few lamps for ambiance
* A hanging chalkboard, chalkboard wall, or closet doors for notes, drawing etc.
* Place at least one rug strategically in the room for comfort and play
* Don't be afraid to tack butterflies, bows, buttons, etc. on their walls in an interesting, playful way!

( "Children's Spaces, From Zero to Ten" photos: Debi Treloar / "Babies Rooms, From Zero to Three" photos: Winfred Heinze )
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