Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wearable Art

For the love of artistry and fashion.

Good morning, friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week thus far, though I'm sure you're looking forward to this weekend. For me, this week has been a whirlwind, and last night a friend and I attended a fashion show for one of our top University's fashion graduating program. We sat front row, very "Sex and The City" style, and enjoyed ourselves immensely as bold, interesting, unique, pretty, and beautiful fashion design filed down the runway. The impending calamity, though, was the most stunning bridal collection, ending with a very luxe gown that featured a detailed, fitted corset bodice, and the most exquisite and intricate train that I have ever seen. Applause, cheer and tears filled the large room, and for the first time I truly felt the beauty and immersion that fashion can bring to a person. We enjoy many gorgeous images on a daily basis, but to actually see such incredible works of art, and to be able to appreciate the sweat, toil, tears and joys of creating such was truly amazing. Do you know what I mean? Have you experienced something like this?

On a side note, isn't this shoot gorgeous? I believe it takes place in Musée D'Orsay, in Paris, as while I was visiting a little while ago, it was one of my favorite spots...I bought my first original painting just outside! These dresses are unbelievable, aren't they? Do you have a favorite?

( images: Mario Sierra )

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day Inspiration

Mark your calendars and don't forget—Mother's Day is on May 9th.

Whether it's a quick call to your Mother across the country, a beautiful handbag filled with collectibles, or lunch and flowers at her favorite place, Mother's Day is the day to give, with a little extra thought and appreciation. And who does it better than Rachel Ashwell? I love her spirit of giving. After reading her fabulous book "The Gift of Giving", I began to really appreciate little thoughts and details, given as gifts...for often, they are the most precious gifts of all. I hope these images and ideas inspire you, also...

An idea: Why not spoil her a little with luxurious, pampering French skin care this Mother's Day? "Flowers for her Face" is a beautiful set from Votre Vu, and perfect for Mum. Please click here if you would like to see this lovely gift, offered at $46, though valued at $96. If you purchase anything from Votre Vu for Mother's Day, whether it be the set mentioned above or another lovely item, I encourage you to purchase through Traci Kuhn, ( as linked ) as she has generously offered to donate all the profits to this wonderful charity...a gift that feels good to give.

A Few More Lovely Gift Ideas

* A chic and playful tote
* Something custom to forever treasure
* Sweet dessert bowls + this cookbook
* A lovely, Chanel inspired bracelet
* A luxurious "cashmere" candle
* Exquisite spoons...just because
* A charming necklace
+ the best person to wrap them up pretty!

( 01, 02, 05 scanned from "The Gift of Giving"/ 03, 08 This is Glamorous / 04, 07 Mario Sierra/ 06 Pretty Stuff )

Detail of the Week

A garden wedding inspired by topiary graphics and floral vines.

I personally love designing invitations for events! In the past year or so, I have had the opportunity to design some invitations, save the date cards, and other pieces for Weddings and Anniversary parties. I love getting into the theme/look of the event and trying out different illustrations, colors, icons, and patterns together with beautiful type. Today, David came across this gorgeous set, designed by Sarah Nelson. I cannot get over her central floral illustration, that so perfectly suits the theme, and plays such a strong role in the look and feel of the print design. Elegant and pretty, don't you think?

( images via )

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tigerlily Swimwear

Sultry, Elegant Swimwear.

"Unique textiles, the fusion of fashion and classic themes, the continuous quest for the perfect bikini; these are the elements that have established Tigerlily as a leader in premium swimwear and fashion. Tigerlily was founded by Australian Jodhi Meares in the year 2000. Jodhi created a brand that represents beauty and strength, individuality and confidence. A brand that is exotic and sexy but grounded. The qualities injected into Tigerlily are Jodhi’s feelings on Australian women, and those that Australia’s beautiful beaches evoke in them…health, freedom and fun."

Isn't this a beautiful, sepia—toned lookbook? Though swimwear is often difficult to photograph and portray in an overtly elegant, tactful manner, this company has done, quite simply? beautifully...

( all images via their site, discovered in Foam magazine )

Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday, and welcome to a fresh, new week!

The immediate *sigh* that inevitably follows the finale of Spring cleaning makes the somewhat tedious process and work all worth while! After spending a bit of my Sunday afternoon sorting through clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags, I now have a very organized wardrobe, heading into Spring and Summer months. I said my goodbyes to nine pairs of shoes that have served me well, and farewell to six handbags that have been never been used/untouched for six+ months...they are soon to be headed to El Salvador, and to people that will use and love them...

Don't you just love Spring cleaning? I find it offers such clarity as to what might be missing in my wardrobe, and helps me to organize new ideas for outfits in my mind. It's all about organization and easy access. What about you? Have you done your Spring cleaning/re—organization? Are you too in need/want of some pieces? Pick up this month's fresh looking Real Simple magazine for some great cleaning solutions and tips. From all of this, I realize:

* I need basic tees in grey and one pastel
* I need a soft, Spring sweater
* I need a striped top
* I need skinny white jeans
* I need a camel and/or military jacket
* and...I do not need any more black!

p.s / A Mother's Day post tomorrow...

( Cecile Cassel images via Dress Design & Decor, + link / image 02 link / image 03 link / image 05 link / image 06 link )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Joy's Chic House

A creative and dramatic home that feels so inviting.

I cannot recall exactly how I came across this amazing photographer—no doubt sometime throughout my blog visits. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist sharing this contemporary, open and chic place, that incorporates some wonderful and thoughtful details to admire...

Personally, I find the plush, slip—covered sofas, the oversized pottery, the dining room table and chairs, the hidden refrigerator, the modern and organic wood accents, and that fabulous garage door to be lovely. I love how it instantly opens up the house, brings in the fresh air, and creates an ongoing outdoor living space. Perfect for Spring and Summer days, where all you want to do is be outside and enjoy the sunshine... Which features do you like best?

Great Links for the Weekend and...

* For a fun & flirty look
* For picnics
* For, well, everyday
* For the art lover
* and...for special notes

Also, I thank you for your visits and kind comments this week, and for stopping by my recent guest posts featured on here, here and here. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

( images link )

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lacey, Beachy + Bright

Lovely, beachy fashion and Spring fun.

I just adore the bright and cheerful look of this shoot. The model's youthful blunt bangs, white blonde hair, and gorgeous, delicate clothing, just work so perfectly against the sandy beach and blue, blue sky...the parasol is certainly a nice touch, isn't it? Similar to that shown in this post. I wonder if this might be a new trend? Which outfit is your favorite?

( images via Fashion Gone Rogue )
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