Friday, January 29, 2010

Jump In—Let's Go

Take a Trip With Me

Now, I'm not literally headed to England, but while watching Jane Austen's "Cranford" last night, I found the idea of booking a trip to this beautiful part of the world to be so appealing! From the time I was about ten years old, I watched and read Austen's romantic stories, loving the magnificent architecture, fashion, style, and customs of such a wonderful time past...

I have always found English countrysides, vast manors, beautiful gardens, and old cottages so intriguing. Perhaps its the coziness that is so often associated with a sweet cottage, nestled in an equally inviting village, or the intrigue of a stately manor set up on a rolling hill of lush green grass. The perfect place to escape to in Januaryto take long walks, bike ride, explore villages and the countryside, and spend the evening curled up with a good book or movie, looking at postcards with loved ones, waiting for Spring to return...

A few things to start your weekend off right

* A new sponsor that I'm excited about
* A short & sweet film to warm the heart
* Newspapers turned into yarn?
* A modern & pretty water bottle
* To keep in mind for Valentine's Day
* My fun new cutlery set,

...and finally, a cheese I cannot get over!


Thank you for stopping by this week and for your nice comments and emails!
I hope you have a wonderful, inspired weekend, xo

(fashionable images via Kate Powers) (image 03 Anna Kern) (image 04 link)
(image 06 link) (image 09 link) (image 10 link) (image 11 + 12 link)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

(Anthropologie's) 50's Proper

Rich textures and layers, combined with polite lengths and details make for a very sweet 50's look! Prim and proper with a twist, you might say. Speaking of twists, the model's loose and low chignon is a must try! Also, I think the last ensemble might have to make its way into my closet. Don't you just love those pistachio, buttery shoes? They look so comfortable...What do you think about these outfits?

Also, a few mid-week links you might like...

* An interview {Garance Doré}
* Helvetica cookie cutters
* Beautiful telegram stationary
* The best ipod docks on the market
* French mirrors {to die for!}

(images via Anthropologie)

Detail of the Week

This week's detail is perhaps a little bit late, and so, I have combined two pretty things for you to enjoy...the first being that shapely Louis XVI reproduction bench from Rose Cumming. I love the perfect ecru and black striped silk taffeta upholstery against the wood. It just makes it! And then there is that elegant, perfectly appointed bouquet. The soft, buttery roses look too beautiful against the oval vase, glazed in the most pale of greens. English potter Sue Paraskaeva designs some beautiful pieces click here to view her full line of work. Don't you just want to curl up with good company and some tea in this sweet little corner?

(images scanned from Victoria, Feb. 2001)
(photography by Toshi Otsuki)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hermès Spring 2010

Remember this? I was thrilled to find the full campaign today! So fresh and full of life and sunshine. Relaxed, yet luxurious. I find that Hermès continuously puts forth such captivating, unique creative expressions for their advertising campaigns...I want to jump into this divine setting...

(images via FGR)

(Jimmy) CHOO 24:7

The ever fabulous shoe company, Jimmy Choo, has just launched a special collection for 2010 Choo 24:7. "Choo 24:7 is the 'perfect shoe wardrobe' with updated versions of Tamara Mellon's favourite styles in a variety of colours, materials and heel heights. Taking the Jimmy Choo woman from day to evening, 7 days a week,this is the definitive assortment of iconic Jimmy Choo shapes: The'Icons', the 'Perfect Platforms', the 'Perfect Pointytoe Pump', the 'Perfect Roundtoe Pump', the 'Perfect Flat', the 'Perfect Wedge' and the 'Perfect Evening'." Love the concept.

"These classic Choo styles remain iconic since their original conception, and have been the shoe choice of celebrities and sophisticated women alike, time and time again." My favorite? I'm dying to get my hands on these beauties! The timeless nude shade and style are splendid! Do you have a favorite? A musthave for your closet that has been missing? Or maybe you would love all of them?

(images, quote, and video via Jimmy Choo)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Starting Fresh...

There's something so refreshing and rejuvenating about a weekend away, isn't there? Especially a weekend away spent with family, surrounded by the most stunning views, mountains, and little bits of snow, winding roads, a gorgeous winery, and pictureperfect moments. Even the sun obliged us and stuck around the entire weekend. A slower pace of life for a few days allowed me to enjoy simple moments and focus on what is truly important. To step back for a short time and just be...

(photography by Mario Sierra)

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Home Full of Comfort

I cannot believe that Friday is finally here! This afternoon, my Mom and I are setting out for a much needed mini break and to visit close family for the next few days. Heading into this weekend, I sought out photos of inspiration that offer a sense of freshness, serenity and beauty...

Isn't this home amazing? Beyond the abundance of textures, warmth and open, flowing spaces, a soothing palette of neutral tones makes the house a home, and truly inviting. There are so many great features about this place. I love the contrasting ceiling heights the coved and lowered ceiling in the living room area, as opposed to the vast and open ceiling in the kitchen area. I enjoy how the double story windows let the most lovely natural light flood into the space! The kitchen sink and (concrete) countertop are too wonderful for words, as it that ornate and embroidered headboard! I could go on and on about the details, but would like to know, what are a few of your favorites?

I hope you have a lovely weekend, whether you spend it relaxing at home, have a full schedule of projects and things to do, or are taking it as it comes, and seeing what heads your way...

(images via Côté Sud, photography by Bernard Touillon)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

NoaNoa S/S 2010

NoaNoa has done it again...just when I thought they couldn't come out with yet another pretty lookbook, they most certainly have! Particularly loving the scalloped edged blouse with voluminous shoulders, the flowy white dress and headband, as well as that pretty (and nicely vibrant) purple belted dress. I can't wait to have a closer look at these pieces! When I think of NoaNoa, I think layers and fun prints, sweet looks, a little romance, airy scarves and always, a fresh face...

(images via their site)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Sponsor + A Soirée

Today, I'm very excited to share with you some photos from the most chic and pretty soirée thrown by my brand new sponsor, Cakewalk Style Shop! I can't get over the glamorous color scheme and all of the details the sweet treats, so delicately placed, full blossoms, black and white boxes, and then of course, there's those mini chandeliers! I love how they are hanging off of the blonde colored branch, creating a focal point. Perfect images captured by the talented Nancy Aidée/ Beautiful event design by Eclat events.

Be sure to stop over and take a look at Cakewalk's equally lovely shop, stocked with luxurious and stylish pieces! To view more images, visit Cakewalk Style blog...Here are a few of my favorites right now...

* The most angelic top
* A cozy layered look
* Beautiful Italian leather

(opon checkout, use codeword: WINTER for 20% savings)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Delicious Table Setting

I just came across this lovely and romantic photography by Karen Mordechai, displaying this array of delectable cheeses, bread and other wonderful treats. (read more about it here) I love cheese, especially paired with figs, grapes, pears, nuts and baguette...and of course, wine. (truth be told, our fridge has a larger cheese drawer than it does vegetables!)

Doesn't this looks delicious? Do you have a favorite cheese?

(images found via
This is Glamorous /+ Sunday Suppers)
(Photography by Karen Mordechai)
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