Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photography: Ayten Alpun

Blustering winds, secluded surroundings and elegance.

Such a drastic contrast of qualities that will almost always be successful in highlighting all that is of beauty, I find... new / old, raw / refined, tamed / untamed, constructed / deconstructed... I especially enjoy the lace introduced into the first gown as a surprise, as well as the glittering pumps in the second, the cream and magenta gowns, and that ethereal blouse, featured in the last image. Do you have a favorite?

— images: Kira Mazura by Ayten Alpun for Marie Claire Turkey January 2011, fgr


  1. So beautiful and evocative - I think you could have a new career as a photographer's agent - you have exquisite taste!

  2. The first photo (and gown) is stunning! That color...

  3. Dearest Sarah,

    Okay you ask for an end of year opinion...
    The first one is about raffinesse with the lace inset in the dress and posed inside the doorway as a mystery; is she coming or leaving... Leaves whirling around her; very well done.
    The one in front of the window with the shimmery pants, brings out all her beauty; swan neck; race horse legs and slim waist-line and elegant hands. All captured in one shot - extremely well done!
    The one on the mattress is very well done too. Pure beauty on a bare mattress.
    The blouse I like but it doesn't do the beauty of the blouse fully justice in this setting.
    In the second photo the bouquet of flowers takes too much attention away from the simple beauty of the model and her silk robe and gorgeous pumps.
    Okay; that were my favorites!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and enjoy what's left from 2010!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  4. Love all the tuille on one dress. All such beautiful pics. Fiona

  5. Those Shoes!! And, I loved the huge bouquet of flowers and thought it acted rather like the image's anchor. The multi-stranded pearls are brilliant. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    To 2011!!

  6. wow! these images are divine sarah. just divine.

    hope you had a really lovely christmas, and thank you so much for your kind support this year. Here's to great things in the one ahead!


  7. these are gorgeous sarah, so very inspiring. i love the idea of photographing the model in an abandoned building, too. give each shot so much character.

    (it's almost new years, yippee!)

  8. The next to the last dress is gorgeous...not to mention that she wear's it beautifully. Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  9. so beautifully described. I love the 1st and 4th gowns.

  10. Sarah, I can't choose just one. These images are over-the-top stunning! Ok...maybe the second image is my favorite. The sofa is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day.

  11. I'd love an excuse to wear a good ball gown in 2011! Just cuz every girl should get to. Happiest of new years to you sweet lady!

  12. Quintessence: you are so sweet! *blushing*

    Mariette: I love your understanding of these images—I enjoyed reading your comment so much, and quite agree...

  13. Dear friend,

    Thank you for the whole year of inspiration, beauty and fabulous images.
    I wish you a new year filled of love, good moments and very much success in all your projects.

    Big Hugs, Sarah.


  14. long and purple gown...just stunning! :)))))
    have a great new year! :))

  15. What a dramatic set of shots! For a dramatic day - new year's eve as I type this. I always love to see your Blog Sarah - it's quite special; but you must know that. Thank you for the lovely Christmas comment you left me to - wonderful to come back to. I'll be back in 2011! Lou xx

  16. Sarah, I am so happy I found your blog as of late. Not sure what took me so long, (it must be that rock I live under)! I am looking forward to following you and getting to know you better in 2011. I hope the New Year has many wonderful surprises in store for you! xo

  17. The last day of the year, Sarah! I have ignored blog land over the Holidays but I just wanted to give you a good send-off into the New Year!

    I adore you and everything you bring to us. You are the most stylish, generous, kind, smart, and talented blogger I know. Yes, really. And in 2011 you are going to soar to incredible heights. I can feel it all the way to here!

    Happy, happy my friend! I will see you in twothousandeleven.

    Love to you, Mon

  18. oh my goodness Sarah. these dresses are breathtaking! happy new year! look forward to more of your loveliness in 2011! xo Caroline

  19. LOVE all of the folds on that magenta one...yards and yards of pretty. SO interesting how the photographer paired it with the dirty old bent-up mattress. I mean, I've seen broken-down urban backgrounds used, but the mattress...adds quite another element :)

  20. My favorite is the 4th one down with the contrast of beauty and grit so well done. All are very beautiful though.

  21. Monika: I feel the very same way about you my friend. I hope that I can actually meet you in person this year -- I would love to :)

  22. Hi
    Amazing photography! i love the dress on picture 8 the black lace and beige , do you know whats the brand of the dress? please let me know thanks

  23. Hello Fashionista: I wish I knew as well... I tried looking it up, but no such luck!


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