Thursday, December 2, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 2

Neutrals, berry tones, + accessories combine for gift wrapping inspiration.

First off, thank you for the lovely responses to yesterday's post—the first in this new Christmas series. Your comments and emails were such a treat to read. I am happy to share that today, I am a guest on Bonnie Tsang's beautiful and inspiring blog, sharing a gift that I would like to give and a gift to receive—be sure to visit and read through a few past posts in her series, {Christmas Gifts} To Give & To Receive.

And for today's inspiration—gift wrapping ideas: weathered, vintage tins lined with scalloped, crisp tissue, to hold baking / velvety, flower–topped parcels of paper and fabric, with ribbon (and a great video) / paper bags with oats and xoxo / little cotton bags for treasures, with feathers and other ornaments on parcels / + also, A Gift Wrapped Life / + lastly, for some additional inspiration, please visit my second–cousin's great blog (in Germany)—I just discovered it yesterday!

images: 01, 03, discovered on + more at: {this is glamorous}, photos by Sharyn Cairns / 04, photo by Sam McAdam / 02 link / gathered from: Homelife, Australia + Vintage Rose Garden


  1. Love this post, Sarah! I love nothing more beautiful than a beautifully wrapped gift. I love to use bags with beautiful bows to seal them.
    Have anice day.

  2. Exquisite post Sarah, I adore the wrapping ideas in the last image, so very elegant xx

  3. Beautiful christmas inspiration!

  4. hello sarah! finally a quick moment to stop in for a visit -- thanks so much for the link -- glen proebstel's portfolio also lead me to sharyn cairns & homelife -- a natural progression, should think :) don't you just adore the holidays?

    hope you're having a wonderful week,

  5. Hello Dear Sarah
    How beautiful these shots are.. the inky blue/black images are simply wonderful.. If only my christmas will look this good!!!

    Hope you are well and I'm sure you are looking forward to Christmas.. Take care.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  6. amazing! will definitely be using these photos as an inspiration to spruce my holiday gift wrap this season!


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