Thursday, December 23, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 23

Inspired table settings.

As Christmas dinners are just around the corner, I turn my attention from overall Christmas decor in the home, to the main table—defining the look and feel for this year. I find it to be such great fun, putting together a different look with different elements each year. And so, I thought it most appropriate to share some wonderful tabletop ideas that I have collected for Christmas dinner—whether you are attending (and can serve breakfast there instead) or hosting. We often play with the look of the dining table hours before cooking the dinner—getting the look for the current year just so. I am excited to try image no. 02 with layered glass pieces and shimmering lights—though a combination of a few would certainly look lovely. Do you have a look in mind?


  1. Happy, happy Christmas, Sarah! I look forward to getting to know you better in the New Year!

  2. Oh how always find the best my friend.

    It's been so good getting to know you better this year.

    Have a really beautiful and Merry Christmas,
    xxx DJ

  3. you are my daily inspiration! I am blessed to be your Mom...

  4. These table settings are amazing!

    Also, yes 'tis a tufted headboard, although I probably will retire it once I get a double or queen sized bed in the future (my bed is a single, hehe)

  5. Shari -- likewise :)

    Mum -- aww, likewise!

    Esther -- so so pretty *sigh*


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