Tuesday, December 21, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 21

Outfit inspiration: Fanciful Blossoms.

Berry tones combine with feminine dress shapes to create a lovely and delicate look... after some makeup inspiration, (notice the berry lips above?) we move onto some beautiful outfit inspiration for Christmas. Dresses and heels. Always a classic look, but not necessarily an overtly Christmas-y look, don't you find? Also, two brand new guest posts to visit: How Do You Hibernate (Apartment #34) and Advent Calender (Desde my Ventana) ... and soon, a little surprise...

— images: Greg Sorensen


  1. Hello Sarah,
    Thank you,so lovely...ever.
    I like the first dress and the (stunning) shoes of 2#.
    I wish a Merry Christmas time full of Love,Hapiness and Joy to you and your family.



  2. Thank you so much for your uplifting comments Sarah. May your holidays be awesome, festive and spicy.


  3. Lovely! I've yet to decide what to wear for Christmas! This is good inspiration. Hope your week is going well Sarah, I'm off to check out your guest posts now :)
    Nancy xo

  4. These floral dresses are SO PERFECT, I can not tell you how thrilled I get by looking at them. This is 100% my favorite style to dress. And not only that, the photoshoot looks brilliant as well. The dress from image number 4 is my absolute favorite. Hopefully one day I find a dress exactly alike. Thank you so much for sharing Sarah, this is going straight in to my library.

  5. Very Beautiful, the blossom theme is so feminine yet the photos are so powerful. Amazing choice!

    ♥ Marta from With Love...

  6. Such a pretty campaign, love the berry colours, and those shoes are amazing!! xx

  7. this is a beautiful dress to wear to Christmas dinner!!!

  8. Absolutely adore the prints and the colours to these dresses! The photos have a dark, romantic feel to them. Gorgeous :)

  9. So pretty Sarah! I love the freshness of berry and in a floral! I am so tempted to go buy a complete new dress for Christmas (or at least wear one of my new ones)...wishing you all things bright and merry this Christmas season. Thank you for all your beautiful inspiration that you share all year round!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Just stopping by to say hi Sarah! Wishing you a lovely holiday and new year!


  11. oh Sarah, so beautiful, beautiful post, as usual.... thank you so much for so much loveliness, thank you for being such an amazing source of inspiration. hope you have a merry, merry Christmas, darling! enjoy this special time with your loved ones. xo


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