Monday, December 13, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 13

Giveaway winners, pretty inspiration and fun links.

Good morning! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend—full of festivities, planning, and memories... and most necessary, a little relaxation. My weekend was packed with both work and fun—my favorite mix of all. And, as the new week begins, I grow more and more excited for Christmas to arrive... which brings me to great news, I am happy to announce the two winners for the lovely Votre Vu giveaways! The winners are: Brianne Perkins (01 giveaway) and Teresa at Splendid Sass (giveaway 02) Congratulations, ladies! I know that you will greatly enjoy their products, and we will be in touch soon with the details... and for those who sent their address to receive a complimentary sample, enjoy!

As for the inspiration for today—an array of lovely ideas, both large and small for your home. I believe image 02 is my most favorite for ideas of all. And, as per tradition, some links for your Monday: to go along with Saturday's rose post, a divine rose martini / the perfect Christmas movie to watch while baking, wrapping, or perhaps even ironing *wink* / beautiful dark and rustic inspiration / for him: hilarious moustache cufflinks + for her: a beautiful compact fragrance / beautiful photo and products for a lovely gift for the lady in your life that appreciates all things pretty / the absence of technology results in solitude and rest / an incredible sequin-embroidered clutch / + lastly, classic pajamas...

— images: discovered here, by: Stephen Clement (décembre 2010)


  1. Hello! Gorgeousness in gold. These images are so opulent! I have been trying to get ahead of the festive preparations; so much so that there is an outside chance I might relax come Christmas Day! Lou xx

  2. This is yet another great L'avènement de Noël post. I really love them all. How cute is that birdcage filled with christmas ball's! All the decorating made me remember the cutest French boutique in Gordes that I visited last year. Lovely, lovely memories :)

  3. Oh this post just made me smile. Full of beauty and cheer.
    I cannot wait for the festivities next week with my family.
    Hope you will be getting some good time withy yours too!

  4. Sarah,
    Thank you so much! I an thrilled about winning this lovely giveaway!!
    The images here are gorgeous, as usual! You find the most pristine images. Have a nice evening.

  5. :) :) love actually is one of my favourite xmas movies ever... it's just so cute!

    also, i've always liked the idea of bringing trees into a home. the huge candle-holders are beautiful, maybe without candles even more so.

    a very nice week to you, Sarah!


  6. So gorgeous!! Love, love love darling


  7. Sarah you have the most gorgeous Noel photos ever, so pretty!

  8. Captivated by image -- sounds lovely! and so, as this is a French site in which I found these images...

    Agnes -- true, true :)

    Helena -- you are s o o sweet, thanks! xx

  9. Beautiful inspiration Sarah, so elegant, charming and refined xx

  10. this might be the most gorgeous holiday spread i have seen so far! girl, you are so on my page its crazy! loving. xoxoox

  11. Such beauty here, Sarah! It's all absolutely gorgeous! So glad that you had a wonderful weekend. Here's to a fabulous week :) xoxo

  12. Congratulations Teresa and Brianne!

    How come that you always find the best and most unique images? SIMPLY THE BEST.

    I have come up for air. What a week.... Busy but so fun!

    Love to you,


  13. Hello and thanks for your visit today. So glad you liked the post. x

    This one is fabulous and there are a lot of details & ideas I love in these pictures.
    A typical 'Swede' I might not put them all together at one and the same time, but as inspiration - yes! JA! :)

    Twigs, branches and lots of candles.. yum.
    White & vintage looking oversized baubles, yes please!
    Also love those large floor candelabras with the flowers - fabulous!

    Wonderful post Sarah - thank you!

    x Charlotta

  14. hi sarah, oh, i love your advent posts! when december gets busy, it's so nice to go somewhere and get immersed in glamorous inspiration for a little while =)

  15. I absolutely adore these neutrals...your recent posts are so incredibly gorgeous dearest Sarah...I hope you're having a lovely pre-holiday season...your posts really put me in a festive winter mood :-)

    Much love to you: Evi

    Ps: I'm flying home tonight...wish me luck :-)

  16. Beauty Comma -- thanks so much

    Miss Evi -- you as well + have a wonderful flight back home, xoxo

  17. Oh so amazing! I need wood floors. Stat.

  18. Sarah - exquisite!! It looks like a winter wonderland

  19. that top photo is just beyond beautiful!


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