Saturday, December 11, 2010

L'avènement de Noël: № 11

Bois de rose.

A beautiful collection and photos by Dior that looks so incredibly enchanting and elegant... for some, roses epitomize both beauty and grace—their look and scent so captivating. "Florists sell millions of roses each year in the United States. The two biggest days for sales are Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Christmas is the third highest day for rose sales." ... "Shakespeare referred to roses over fifty times in his works." ... "Rose hips contain more Vitamin C than any other fruit or vegetable." ... all such interesting facts. Do you love roses? If so, which type or species is your favorite? I think mine is the David Austin Heritage Rose as well as the English Rose—quite full and layered...

+ beyond these stunning pieces, which would be quite lovely as Christmas gifts, here some other rose products: L'Ocitane: Rose Bonne Mère Soap / Lolia: Believe Foaming Bubble Bath / Laura Ashley: Rose Beret / Crabtree & Evelyn: Rosewater, Eau Fraiche  / Linnea's Lights: Tuberose candle / Lisa Stickley, London: Bella Clasp Purse / Smith: Rosebud Salve / TokyoMilk: Rose with Bees Bubblebath № 12

— images: link, quotes: link


  1. Beautiful shots and collection! Love that cushion cut emerald ring! Such prettiness, it's like you can almost smell the fresh roses!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Hi! Simply stunning!!! Divine jewelry! So beautiful!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Kristin :)

  3. Oh these photo's are just SO beautiful Sarah, really gorgeous.

    I do love roses and plan on having lots in our new garden.

    Hope your weekend is going fab darling,

  4. Roses are my favorite flowers, no scent compares to the ancient damask rose. Roses are calming, and these pictures have a pure soft beauty and quality.
    Happy sunday!

  5. Hello, sweetheart! You know, I've been looking at these pieces for ages (Vogue has at least one ad every month)... I looooove the tiny gold/gold diamond rings so much. One of those things I wouldn't be able to resist if I had a chance to have them.
    Oh, by the way, here's my favourite rose... It's very English and called The Shepherdess. I have one of this gorgeous girls in my tiny garden. :) (look at top picture)

    Have a lovely warm Christmasy Sunday, sweetie! x

  6. Dear Sarah,
    This is wonderful. Thank you so much for all the lovely and inspirational posts. It is such a pleasure to visit your blog every day!
    Best regards from a very rainy Sunday on the paradise island of Curacao.

    Priscilla Joy

  7. Aahh sigh... Dior is just SO stunning. These images give me butterflies. I'll use my favorite word for this kind of experience: Captiving!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog and the weekend wishes. It's all very busy but great, time flies! Hope you're weekend is great as well.

    XX Christel

  8. Oh I forgot. My favorite roses are peonies:)

  9. This is a beautiful campaign! I love how delicate it looks :) I love roses, but I think my favourite kind would be the miniature ones. They're just so cute!

  10. Graham Thomas is my favorite, but I love all of the english and red roses. These images are beautiful, Sarah! The necklace is gorgeous too!
    Have a anice Sunday.

  11. So stunning, Sarah. I truly adore Dior, always so ladylike and classic, you just can't go wrong. I wish I had somewhere to wear something like this, though, sigh!

  12. Oh Sarah - I love these - did you see my piece on Dior jewelry - you will see that you and I share a love of the Dior collection!

  13. Stunning!!
    as for roses ... love many kinds and one of them is 'tea rose' (not sure if it's the same name in English since I'm translating this name from Russian). my grandma made tea rose preserve for us to eat it in winter. oh, it brings back all the wonderful memories :)

  14. Oh such a delightful collection! I love the rose rings, just gorgeous x

  15. Really nice images...
    thanks so much for visiting my blog last week and leave your message.
    I am a fan of your posts. Congratulations!


  16. Little Rus -- thanks for your comment, xx

    Quintessence -- oh, really? nice! I will have to stop by and look :)

  17. I can smell their divine scent all the way to Sydney!
    My husband is great with flowers and when our daughter was born (5 years ago) he started a tradition of always buying her a bouquet of roses for her birthday. This year was the first when she truly understood the whole 'flower thing' and she buried her beaming little face in the big bunch of pink long stemmed roses. So beautiful! :)

    xx Charlotta

  18. gorgeous! have been meaning to stop by this post for a while -- so lovely, sarah! adore the first photo most -- the draping and the jewellery are beautiful

    hope you're having a wonderful holiday season,

    {p.s.} the feather christmas ornament sounded lovely


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