Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fashion: Little Bookstore

One of my favorite ways to spend the evening.

Just minutes away from my home is a cozy bookstore/café. Set on the corner of the village main road, it is a wonderful place to gather for delicious food, conversation and book shopping; to grab a latté, tarte, a new book or magazine, and just enjoy... especially during Autumn and Winter months. Bringing quality food and books together seems like the most natural combination—a winning combination—and a favorite place for so many. Do you have a favorite little bookshop/place like this?

images: Olivia Graham, Smart Dressing—The Gloss


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Love these beautiful photos!
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday ~~

    xoxo Laura

  2. Great images. I want the leopard pumps!
    I hope that you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving, Sarah.

  3. so "Funny Face"... nice pics, and i really, really love that movie!

  4. Those wide-leg trousers are the best. The cuffs are to die for!

  5. I'm not a shopping addict at all but I love bookstores. I can stay there all the day :-) Wonderful post, Sarah!

  6. What a great shoot - her work is beautiful!!

  7. We have one in South Perth but the assistants dont look anything like that.Now youve reminded me to visit and also the other one near the beach.Thanks for the reminder.Fiona

  8. Completely charmed. I love spending hours in bookstores too, especially the little ones with staff that seem to know something about every book!

  9. My favorite book store is at home! I have a great chair in a corner of my house where the natural light is just perfect. I love that spot.

    Favorite coffee spots I have many in Seattle. (You will find out when you visit! (:. But I have more favorite books stores in Stockholm! (That you will also find out one day).

    I am off to tackle that old turkey!

    Love to you, Mon

  10. Wendel's is the best! you're right :) I love going there for their fabulous food, and great they'll bring in my favorite European magazines...Diane would thank you for your mention :)

  11. Elliott Bay Bookstore in Seattle...Pioneer Square...little cafe downstairs. Okay, so it's not the "littlest" bookstore in the world...but still manages to be cozy.

  12. Oh I just love doing that too, and sweet pictures by Olivia.


  13. Mon -- you are too funny! Happy Thanksgiving*

  14. I wish I had a lovely little bookish cafe to enjoy. I absolutely adore the last two ensembles. Masculine in form, yet so womanly pretty.


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