Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holland Park

Honorable simplicity.

“Wise investment comes through good design and McLean Quinlan has produced another exemplary London home.” —The Architectural Review / I instantly fell for this home—not just because it has been designed by one of my favorite firms, but because of the careful thought and planning that is evident in every inch of space... I am most enthralled by the way that light flows throughout the home. It travels through narrow openings, through the ceiling, through vast windows at the back. I love imagining walking around the house, looking up, all around, as magical snowflakes grace the skies and fall to the ground... can you just imagine?

"This 1900s villa had suffered years of neglect and was in need of a complete overhaul. The house would also have a number of specific purposes—to provide a home for a young family, a place from which to work and a setting to match the ambience and environment of a contemporary art gallery, as the client was a collector of Renaissance frames. The design strategy centred on a dramatic transverse hall, creating an atrium that reached up four storeys to a large roof light that would bring light and drama into the core of the home and give the traditional villa a completely new identity."

images: courtesy, + with the permission of McLean Quinlan, taken by: Peter Cook


  1. Perfect! That's all I can say, Sarah.
    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous home.

  2. breathtaking! This home makes you want to be there, walk is not cold, but exudes an incredible warmth - wonderfully amazing post - and like you said, I can imagine at night, stars, snowflakes, rain, leaves viewed through the atrium - the architecture is outstanding

  3. These are absolutely stunning...oh my gosh...

  4. this place is stunning. a photographers dream really. we could do shoots in the house with that much natural light.

  5. The frames in the living room - swoon!


  6. This place is divine, can I move in?? :)

  7. This is such a beautiful home :)

  8. LOVE this. Love all the lines... We just moved into another house and all the corners were rounded by the previous owners. The first thing my designer told me was that we needed to square all the corners. We will have to do that. Seeing these photos make me crave the corners even more.


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