Monday, November 1, 2010

Cooking in Elegance II

Fine construction and beautiful details.

Once again it seems, when it comes to creations by Varenna, I am speechless... I came across this kitchen the other day and decided that it was just too beautiful not to share with you. Though fundamentally quite modern, the gorgeous, warm flooring, (I think I have a slight obsession) soft counter top and chandelier add up quite nicely and offer a touch of feminine and softness to the space. For some, this space would be complete. For me, I would love to see a white tulip table with a marble top perhaps, some great chairs, maybe even a large, decorative mirror and artwork. Additional kitchen inspiration: Cooking in Elegance I / Respecting the Past / Siematic Kitchens / Two Kitchens / + A Charming Kitchen

images: via their site


  1. Hello Sarah,
    A luminous, elegant kitchen and in I'm sure is a pleasure to spend the time cooking delights for the family,
    Have a lovely day Sarah

  2. brilliant space, restrained yet opulent all at once. incredibly clever! xxx

  3. great kitchen, I would add bright flowers :) and a centre table for enjoying my family/friends while cooking up a storm ;) - I love the long window along the counter

  4. I love the detail in the flooring juxtaposed with the chandelier and stark white benches. Absolutely exquisite Sarah xx


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