Monday, October 4, 2010

Romantic Rings

A romantic ring with a little secret.

An exquisite, French–inspired, miniature locket ring. "Marie's first Secret" is a new addition to Fleur Avenue's signature ring collection, the secret compartment. Set within scallop lace settings (raw brass) is a very pretty, petite vintage cameo, in bright cranberry red. Carefully assembled, adjusted and layered on an aged brass locket. Locket is then secured onto a slim and elegant antiqued brass ring band. I could see these working quite well with this, this and this look... if you would like one, click here to go on the wait list*

images + words: Fleur Avenue


  1. I am sure there is a wait list.......what a lovely gift. XO

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. A ring with a little secret compartment??? I'm headed over there now!

  3. oooooooh!!! do you think that if i left this up on the laptop my boyfriend might get the hint? :) thanks for sharing. so romantic & pretty!

  4. Molly -- great idea... though, you might have to leave it open twice, or on twitter with a comment about how much you would love one :) hehe

  5. I may have to preorder one. These are an adorable find!

  6. Oh what a gorgeous find, so so beautiful Sarah.


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