Friday, October 15, 2010

Love Endeavor

Beautiful photography by Jos Kottmann.

The captivating and rich qualities of the model, fashion and setting are just the kind of beauty that I want to relish in this mid–October Friday afternoon. Words like: classic, elegant, grandeur and felicity, all spring to mind when I first had the opportunity to view these photos and fun video of behind–the–scenes. How well Jos has captured it all, with the perfect lighting and play with space, shadow, scale, and truly letting the beauty of all factors show through seamlessly... enjoy...

images + video : courtesy, and with the permission of, Jos Kottmann


  1. Oh what a lovely location, very beautiful!

    Have a gorgeous weekend darling,
    xoxo DJ

  2. my word. that staircase is gorgeous. wow. i cannot get over it.

    so decadent.
    hope you have a great weekend miss sarah!
    P.S.your comments are so to you!

  3. These are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. The location is spectacular!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah xoxo

  4. What an unusual staircase and colour, just a fabulous setting. For that last little outfit especially. Have a happy weekend Sarah. XO

  5. What a spectacular setting. I love the classic clothes as well. I do think a bit of a smile would have been nice, though - I'm just old-fashioned like that.

    Thanks for joining in on the giveaway.

  6. These are so beautiful! I'm pretty taken by that last outfit, expectant post and background (all wrapped up as a package!) And those sensual brown leather gloves!

    Thank you so much for the happy congrats!

  7. Sarah,

    I feel the same way abut you. We seem to have such similar styles and tastes! Thank you for the sweet words! You are very kind too. So happy we have connected!! Have a great weekend!


  8. The rooms in this post are stunning and elegant. The photography is total perfection! Thank you for sharing. Always lovely, Sarah.
    Have a nice Saturday.

  9. beautiful pictures!! your blog is so inspiring ;)

    Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


  10. love the first look! a kind of classic elegance, just so chic... have a great week-end dear Sarah!

  11. What a fun and beautiful post, Sarah! The clothes are luscious and that staircase railing is ... well, there are no words. SOOOO beautiful! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, sweetness.

  12. the fashion is as stunning as the location - watching the video makes you appreciate how much goes in behind the scenes, the model looks like she was great fun to work with :) which makes you know there had to be a great crew - fabulous post - the photographer captured it all!

  13. I absolutely adore this photo shoot. I think the first photo is my favorite. The one where she is wearing the jean skirt.

    It was hard to decide!


  14. Ashlina -- perfectly put! very decadent, indeed.

    Rose + Carolotta -- thank you so much!

    Jacquelyn -- very much so...

  15. Wow...I can't get over her fabulous hair and hair accessories! Love!!


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