Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Tranquil Sunday

It's raining quite heavily and so grey outside, but I don't mind... there is plenty to do, and to enjoy. There is always a plus to rainy, Fall weekends. Time to pick up that great book, time to re–organize, time to do some delicious baking, time to listen to music, time to just relax with a movie and soup. What's on the agenda for today?

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  1. SO beautiful. Drew is just gorgeous.
    Have a nice SUnday.

  2. Gorgeous images Sarah - A rainy day sounds perfect for getting some chores done in the house which is what I'm about to embark on. Enjoy your day! :)

  3. Fabulous!!! Incredible dresses! I too have a big "to-do" list and am grateful for this rainy grey Vancouver day ... Hope you get your list done! Bon Chance!

  4. Love those relaxing, rainy Sundays! For me today, it's going to be all family! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your Sunday :)

  5. Love that first dress... so pretty!
    We'll be watching the men's tennis final!
    Allez Nadal!


  6. well, I'm cleaning the dishes etc up from the dinner party last night, then I'm baking a caramel apple cake and Nannie's lemon vanilla cake to take to dinner tonight at friends...don't mind the rain at all :) and am looking forward to spending time with good friends tonight

  7. Sarah you are such a darling, thanks so much for your sweet comment.

    Lovely post per usual, it's actually funny you mentioned baking, because I just entered a competition on the food network to win a bake set - fingers crossed :)
    I was quite the baker as a teenager.

    This is absolutely the time for relaxation, delicious autumn soups, and a slow count-down to Christmas!

    Hope you've been having a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  8. Oh my! What a absolutely beautiful start to the week (or is sunday the end?). Either way, these photos take my breath away, especially the top one......Oh my! Much love on this beautiful Sunday and hope you are happily baking away Sarah. Much love XO

  9. are you kidding me with that first!

  10. Drew Barrymore is working that green dress with the red locks. BEAUTIFUL!!

  11. Boy, Drew sure is a classic beauty isn't she? I love all of these images, and I LOVE the light fixtures above Drew in that second image, quite stunning! I too love rainy, productive weekends...except when I have just come from 45 degrees in Egypt, I'm still having a hard time adjusting to Vancouver! But there is no place like home.

  12. this weekend in Athens rain, mainly in the afternoon. But the morning sun had had coffee in one of the most famous squares in Athens. Slowly enters the autumn and I love to watch movies at home with my love.
    I wish you to have beautiful autumn weekend.
    Τhe pics are so beautiful!

  13. I love these languid looks and beautiful gowns! They so perfectly capture a rainy afternoon, I hope you had a relaxing weekend Sarah!

    xo Mary Jo

  14. Drew looks beautiful in these photos! I hope you had a fabulous and relaxing weekend. I love staying indoors on rainy days. I always feel so refreshed the next day :)

  15. wow so dreamy dresses... sigh... happy monday darling! xo

  16. Glayki -- oh, I am so jealous! That must have been the most beautiful sight

    Nancy -- I bet! Bring on the sweaters :)

  17. Oh... I love this shoot especially photo #2 the chignon with the embellishment is such a lovely simple do that makes a statement. Just like your lovely blog!
    Hope all is well,

  18. These are just stunning, I do love Drew.


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