Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spotlight: Scotch & Soda

Soctch & Soda, Amsterdam couture + and the little blue coat.

I love selling Scotch Shrunk. (the children's division of S&S) Why? It's well made and utterly fantastic. I particularly remember last year's iconic, nautical coat; It was a beautiful, deep navy, double–breasted, wool pea coat from their boys collection—but it wasn't just any peacoat—it had edgy little striped, cozy, fingerless gloves attached and such fabulous, meticulous details. Unfussy, yet entirely intriguing. It was the coat that mothers couldn't resist, and the topic of conversation as people walked by the window display, mid–Fall. It is the type of coat that you would treasure forever, even after your little one has long outgrown it. It was just that beautiful.

A good customer, who was a regular by all accounts, paused to stare at the coat each time she stopped in, knowing full well the gap between her small, six year old son and the size 10 coat. (which coincides with age) The last coat. She wanted the coat so badly... her son, a sweet boy, her pocketbook, a little less fortunate. And so, the coat sat... and sat... looking more and more lonely as days passed by. A sale began, it was a few days after Christmas, the door chimed, she came in, and for what? Oh yes, the blue coat. That classic coat, that would inevitably wait, yet again, in a little boy's closet year after year until he was of size. It didn't matter.

Sometimes, I sit and consider the connection, or bond, between clothing and people, and find it most fascinating. A simple thing, a single piece, a little soul. Maybe it's thanks to memories of a warm Grandparent, an entire Summer by the seaside, or maybe a peek into one's own childhood—jolly Christmases, nestled within wool, spent caroling and enjoying hot chocolate with family and friends... my wish is that this little boy has wonderful memories that surround this coat one day, and that when he looks back, he sees what he had, who he was, how he was loved. And perhaps, just perhaps, he will have a son of his own, and that classic, little blue coat will carry on the tradition and become a special part of someone else's life...

Do you have a piece of clothing that is sentimental?

images: via their site


  1. lovely thoughtful post Sarah! I enjoyed every word!

  2. A lot of clothing has sentimental value or just memories that go along with them. That would explain why I can never part with any of my items. Beautiful story and the entire set of picture is absolutely perfection :)


  3. I could SO relate to your customer who so badly wanted the coat! Beautifully written story. I hope her little boy loves it as much as she, one day....And yes, an item of clothing can represent so much - especially if it is a gift from someone, or if it has been worn during a special memory-making moment. Delightful images, too.

  4. Hello...oh an inspired post - I so agree and have that connection with items of clothing past and present. I have often wondered if this makes me strange (now I see maybe not!) as if I place way too much importance on material things? But as a child I have memories of going to little children's boutique with my Mum, and the shop owner gave me a peacock feather, which I kept for years. I got these little printed Bermuda shorts one summer...I adored them, they had palm trees on and let me tell you, in Britain in the early 80's that was exotic! I also got a swimsuit that had ruffles...again wildly unusual here at the time. I LOVED those clothes and the shop. Must be 30 years ago but I still recall it like yesterday. Thanks for reinstating such an old memory! Measure of a good blogger...Lou xxx

  5. im a big fan of Scoth and Soda, my boyfriend loves it too, they have really pretty things!!
    have a great weekend Sarah! Thanks for your gorgeous posts!! xo

  6. ahh how beautiful post Sarah! yes, of course a piece of clothing can have sentimental value! not only clothing, anything can have a great value depending on a special connection you create between that thing and your loving memories. hope you have a lovely weekend, darling! xo

  7. this is so sweet! I save pieces that have great memories attached to them. Unfortunately the one piece I don't have is a lovely butterscotch colored leather jacket I had as a kid. My dad had a jacket a similar color and I always thought it was so cool!

  8. Sarah,
    Such a lovely, touching story. These images are beautiful.
    Have a nice day.

  9. Yes, a lot of my jewelry is that way. Not so much clothes. I love how a piece of jewelry or a perfume can bring you back to something memory or someone you know.

  10. Such a beautiful post Sarah. Now I want that blue coat!

    I once had an accessory that really meant something to me. It wasn't old or passed down the family, but it was just any hair accessory bought in a shop. I bought this beautiful rose made of nothing more than cotton, in a little shop in Venice, back when I was living in Italy.

    For some strange reason the colour was so soothing to me, like a deep teal. No matter what I was wearing, I would always wear that rose, either on my coat, as a broche (ala Carrie Bradshaw), or my favourite, on my wrist.

    Until I woke up one morning and discovered it missing, it turned out I lost it the previous night at a party.

    Hmm..I will never forget the soothing blueness of that rose, I even posted about it on my blog, check it out if you have some time.

    Happy Friday,

  11. What a lovely story. And beautifully written.

    My mom used to make a lot of my clothes. She even made several prom dresses and my wedding dress. She used to make her own clothes, too, when she was younger. Thankfully, my grandmother kept some of those pieces. Now that I sew, I know just how much work went into those clothes. And they do, indeed, make up the colorful tapestry of our lives.

  12. wow. this line is gorgeous, and the videos are incredible. I read your blog daily, thanks for all the inspiration!

  13. such a lovely post sarah, i love the thought of that boy and his coat.

  14. great stories and beautiful photos!

  15. Lovely images Sarah.I hope that you are spending good weekend,

  16. love these clothes! thanks for the link!

  17. So beautifully written, Sarah. Hope your weekend has been a memorable and enjoyable one despite the rain!

    Linda, xo

  18. Linda -- thank you + I hope yours was, also :)

  19. what a gorgeous story.. love scotch and soda (almost bought a childrens pair of pants, they were so adorable, maybe i have to go back...)
    my sentimental piece of clothing is a beautiful beaded dress of my grandmother from the 20's. i've never seen her wearing it, but everytime i look at the dress, i see her...
    i've had a lovely weekend- thank you. til soon. mady x

  20. Something tells me that your customer would never had come back if it had not been for you! A little bit of design, a little bit of human touch.

    My wedding shoes put a big smile on my face. I wore Gucci high-heeled, creme colored (almost retro looking) sling backs on one of my absolute happiest days of my life! (And I spent no more than 15 minutes finding the most perfect pair of shoes).

    ox, Mon

  21. i love the autumn coziness to these pics!!


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