Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Weekend

An artsy weekend.

I have the desire to paint something this weekend... is that silly? Not a picture, but furnishings, in fact. I used to spend much more time re–working vintage or antique pieces. Half of the fun seemed to lie in the hunt—to spend possibly hours searching for that specific character piece, or something completely surprising, that would be impossible to walk by. To just imagine how it could look, given a new life, and just a little imagination and attention. Perhaps because I've always tackled such projects during Autumn months in the past, it's beginning to slightly feel like a tradition of sort. Currently, I'm looking for some frames. With a small projects in mind, I hope to stop by some of my most favorite vintage/antique shops. Do you like to re–work furnishings, too, or have a fun project in mind? Thank you so much for stopping by this week, and for such kind notes... I wish you a wonderful weekend and end to October!


images by: Todd Marshard


  1. I wish I looked like the model when I was working with clay! Sarah, these are beautiful images.
    Have a happy halloween.

  2. Not at all silly! I've always been an artsy person and there are so many times when i feel this need or urge to do something. I either start drawing [one of my biggest passions] or i have this big plastic bag in my closet where i keep old clothes and i cut them and make new clothes out of pieces from others.[is that weird?]


  3. These are beautiful images and i enjoy being creative too. However, this weekend will be the first weekend in almost a year that i'll be spending with the hubby, thus no projects:-). I hope you have and awesome one! XX

  4. Sarah, these are so beautiful. happy halloween!

  5. Sarah, u just hit a nerve with me...I am in my 40's and lately have been feeling like I need that "spark" that I had in my 20's when anything seemed possible..creative juices flowed so easily..I always loved the hunt for that piece that I could retool to my liking...ok, let's do it!!

  6. Such beautiful pics...i love ot tackle little projects, even big ones - but I admit I haven't done anything craft in a while... I am long overdue, and time to stop the excuses...

    happy weekend....

  7. First of all, your idea of wanting to paint something sounds like a fine way to spend a fall weekend. Creating something with your hands is so rewarding. And you truly have created and continue to share with your readers an amazing and lovely blog. Keep up the fantastic work. I'm always am left smiling when I visit your blog.

  8. Me encanta el estilo, preciosa la primera chaqueta!!bsss

  9. u have such a great style
    thanks n great weekend to all
    i'll ready some books n eat pancakes;)

  10. Not silly in the least bit! I love to paint. I just have to let it out sometimes and just go for it :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Sarah! xoxo

  11. The Simply Luxurious Life -- I so agree! + also thank you for such kind words :)

    Silvana -- thanks!

  12. That leopard coat is a dream! I hope your weekend was delightful :)

  13. This post is amazing! Makes me feel good!!


  14. Oh I hope you found some interesting pieces.

    That first photo is so inviting...

  15. Dear Sarah, I can only say Yes Yes Yes to all creative endeavors :-) I'm currently covering the metal legs of my new desk (that I'm about to do) with gold leaf... As soon as I'm done I will post the photos!
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments and support!
    Have a great day tomorrow!

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