Monday, September 13, 2010

Detail of the Week

A bow.

A transparent, full bow makes a quiet, luxurious statement. Would you try this look? I find it to be the perfect alternative to a necklace, and actually reminds me a bit of this look. Also, today my dear friend Crystal, of Plush Palate, has featured one of my outfits on her lovely blog. I am so honored! ...and a little shy, truth be told, and I end up looking far younger than I truly am. Just like Miraslava Duma. Click here if you would like to see.

image 01 link


  1. breathtaking!! so ethereal!! Love it!! Hope you have a great week!

  2. I love big bows - bigger is better (more stylish than sweet). Someone - I think it was Michael Kors - did a crisp white shirt with a HUGE structural bow on it last season, and it was to die for. One of my favorite looks.

    P.S. Your black and white pics are GORGEOUS!!! Your brother's quite the photog!


  3. I love that bow...stunning.

    You have no need to be shy sweetheart, I adored the photo's.

  4. Skyla -- I think it was MK, you're right :) + he's only 16, but quite good already, yes.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Sarah! You have impeccable style!

  6. I love bows, especially large ones like this. I must own about 10 different tops with bows incorporated in them.

    And also Sarah your outfit is so cute! (and so are you). I loveeee the necklace.

    xo - Amanda

  7. as long as there are women bows shall forever remain in vogue! nothing like a giant bow to make a gal feel feminine and glam!

  8. stunning detail sarah, and a beautiful image.

    oh and i love your outfit, great shots!!jxx

  9. Love your pics!! you certainly should not be have such fabulous style. Bows are back?? I am not sure turning back the page to the times when i was wearing bows a number of years ago, as always, you picked the perfect ethereal, soft bow that I would even wear (

  10. that blog is beautiful, and so are you!!! being shy is okay and cute, even if you needn't to be. + i love that necklace... i recall i've already seen a photo somewhere about you in that necklace, could that be?

  11. This is so perfect, paired with a crisp white blouse and a smart blazer it's a whole outfit!

  12. Darling you look so gorgeous! Really love your style.

    Yes I would wear this shirt with a bow, really me actually.

    Enjoy your day. xo

  13. this bow is simply perfect! love your look, Sarah. your hair is beautiful! xo

  14. Amanda -- I bet you do! You have such style... + thank you :)

    Agnes -- hmm, I did have them on facebook?

  15. the photos of you are gorgeous, love your style x


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