Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Beautiful Hotel

A softly tinted hotel invites you to step inside.

Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli—a gorgeous hotel in Venice, Italy. As much as I am dreaming of heading to New York, and oh it has entered my mind about ten times a day lately, I am still so drawn to European destinations. Venice is but a dream for now...

"Elegant and romantic, 4 star Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli in Venice overlooks the Grand Canal, enclosed between the splendid Church of San Stae and Ca' Pesaro, with suites facing its green gardens and a waterside door to receive guests. The successful mix of decorations, in a perfect balance between modern and traditional, gives Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli an inviting and welcoming aspect, in tune with the impeccable quality of the service of a warm, highly professional and multilingual staff. Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli is located in the historic center of Venice, enjoying the magnificent atmosphere and offering its guests private, quiet rooms, where a gentle stillness is interrupted only by the passing of gondolas and the flow of water in the canals." Umm, okay, certainly, now when do we leave?

images: their site


  1. i'm with ya girl - i'm coming too! - place is STUNNING! - going to research price of rooms!

  2. Gorgeous! The architectural detailing in those rooms is so, so lovely -- and the view! You know where you are the moment you wake up. Ahhh, what a lovely daydream....

  3. Oh Sarah, I've only just left Venice, and now you're making me wanna go back! That hotel is gorgeous and the whole city is E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y breath taking. Really enjoyed my year there.

    Have a nice day darling. xo

  4. Oh my goodness. The moulding and the chandeliers are to die for, and being in Venice kicks it up a notch! Just perfect.
    Have a great day, Sarah.

  5. I love Venezia I have visited it several times and always I want to return to this magic place. Gorgeous post Sarah !!!
    Hpoe that you are spending a lovely week,

  6. What an incredible luxurious place! Oh I really want to visit Venice!!

  7. ljeoma -- I am extremely jealous! The pictures alone are stunning, but I cannot imagine living there... or for that matter, the pictures that you have from living there :)

  8. I`ve been to Venice this summer...incredible have to visit it

  9. I'm completely obsessed with the ceilings and chandeliers in all those photos - how gorgeous.

  10. I have been to Venice many times, it's very easy to see the entire city by foot, unless of course, one goes to Murano, Cipriani. Look up Boscolo Dei Dogi hotel for another lovely choice. Also, hop over to see me for Joe Nye's book, Flair, which is a giveaway this week. Sending xx's

  11. Spenderosa -- that would be wonderful! thank you for the info. on a few other hotels—I cannot wait to see, xo

  12. I love staying in hotels anyway - clean, fresh, big pillows, housekeeping, room service. I don't know what I would do if I was staying in this place. So beautiful!!




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