Monday, August 30, 2010

Military Monday

Military love. Are you into this season's trend?

At first I thought—really? But now, my mind is turning to the possibilities... a chic jacket perhaps? I'm so so glad I saved my all–time favorite military pants. They are slightly elegant, figure flattering, and super soft... I would like to try them with my favorite nude heels and a crisp blouse for a fresh take for Fall. And so, once again, it's time to settle into a brand new week, with September just around the corner and fresh things to look at and be inspired by, such as more shots from a certain lovely lady's wedding / the chic idea of chairs turned to hangers / lashes for your car / a fresh look at fuchsia / a talented floral stylist, with a pretty shop / a sweet tote bag from Paris / fabulous vintage packaging—pharmaceutical labels / I cannot explain why, but if I was off–roading, I would want to be in here / drawers and drawers and drawers / a simple, elegant Hermès clutch / and lastly, delicious, gourmet popsicles to celebrate Summer...

image: Garance Doré


  1. i love every one of those links. the drawers and hermes clutch are my favs.great post!

  2. Wow- without even knowing today was Military Mondy - I wore my (new) black military jacket today with a maxi dress, boots and mixed metal bangels (gunmetal & gold) Loved it!!

    :D Lynda

  3. Beautiful post as always!
    Love the links ... surtout Hermes! my favorite!


  4. Hey, Sarah, :) :)

    Thanks so much for the nice comment!

    The bathing area you like is on the Lamu island in Kenya, in the beautiful rustic refuge of a certain interior designer called Marie-Paule Pellé. If you are interested, you can find all the images here (and so many more breathtaking homes, i warn you.:P ):

    I whish you a beautiful week!
    Much of love,

  5. Sarah darling, of course it's possible to dive into the photo, all we need is a little imagination :)

    As for the military look, I say bring on the trench coats. Oh and I'm really imagining some skinny camouflage jeans, perhaps tucked into knee high boats. Lurvely!

    Have a good day. x

  6. LOVE that illustration... beautiful!

  7. Yes, completely coveting military right now. Loving military style jackets and really getting into the colour khaki x

  8. oh yes, the same happened to me. for the moment I'll start with little touches of military... there are some lovely jackets out there... have a beautiful day Sarah! xo

  9. Sometime when I have a couple of free hours and a hot cup of coffee, I want to spend some time just re-visiting previous posts of yours to soak in the luxe imagery. Never fails to inspire and put rocket fuel into my paintbrush. xo Luv.

  10. Love this image! I am loving the miliary style.

  11. Agnes -- thank you for the information -- I will definitely visit that site.

    Sandy -- oh, thanks!


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