Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Morning

Can you believe that Friday is here already? This week is gone by at the speed of lightning it seems—leaving me a little surprised, truth be told! There is so much Summer to experience, and so little time... last night, I attended a fun event at my favorite fashion boutique, Oliver & Lilly's, in celebration of their two year Anniversary. The place was just overflowing with fashionable people, music, sweet treats and fun... oh, and as always, I picked up some lovely new pieces, too! Aren't Summer parties the best?

( Cintia Dicker by Anne Menke for Marie Claire France September 2010, via here )


  1. Sounds like a great summer party Sarah! Hope you have more fun this weekend. I just adore the leopard and white lace in the photos above!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  2. I WANT that leopard jacket! Gorgeous.
    Teresa Splendid Sass)

  3. love, love this photos Sarah. especially the one with polka dots skirt and top! hope you have lovely weekend darling! xo

  4. I saw these photos earlier today - love, love, love - so chic! :)

  5. Mary Jo -- me too!

    Caroline -- aren't they fantastic?

  6. Cintia is so gorgeous, I did this one too! Love it.

    That sounds like such a fun event, lucky girl.

  7. really enjoyed my time at your blog thus far
    her face is so charming
    face crush!


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