Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Comforting Materials

Warm and relaxing living spaces.

I love the combinations of wood and concrete and metal, wood and stone, and wood and fabric. These are quite highly contrasted spaces, but so warm in material and color choice, in layers, and with such large windows. I am so happy to have large windows, so that even on the most dark and moody days, light can still fill the spaces and brighten. Soothing...

images by: Jean–Marc Palisse, Coté Sud, Oct.–Nov. '08

Claudie Pierlot

A new lookbook. A new reason to fly to Paris.

It's a rainy, cold Tuesday and all I can think about is Frank Sinatra... “But why should I try to resist. When baby I know so well. That I’ve got you under my skin.” Franck Sinatra, I’ve Got You Under My Skin - 1966. I love his music always, but especially as Fall is in the air... even on the most dreary of dreary days, his music uplifts and inspires. And, I'm feeling particularly inspired by this fabulous lookbook and collection—I enjoy the unique style and black bow details, don't you?

images: their site

Monday, August 30, 2010

Military Monday

Military love. Are you into this season's trend?

At first I thought—really? But now, my mind is turning to the possibilities... a chic jacket perhaps? I'm so so glad I saved my all–time favorite military pants. They are slightly elegant, figure flattering, and super soft... I would like to try them with my favorite nude heels and a crisp blouse for a fresh take for Fall. And so, once again, it's time to settle into a brand new week, with September just around the corner and fresh things to look at and be inspired by, such as more shots from a certain lovely lady's wedding / the chic idea of chairs turned to hangers / lashes for your car / a fresh look at fuchsia / a talented floral stylist, with a pretty shop / a sweet tote bag from Paris / fabulous vintage packaging—pharmaceutical labels / I cannot explain why, but if I was off–roading, I would want to be in here / drawers and drawers and drawers / a simple, elegant Hermès clutch / and lastly, delicious, gourmet popsicles to celebrate Summer...

image: Garance Doré

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Perpetual Dreamer

“Yes, you can be a dreamer and a doer too, if you will remove one word from your vocabulary: impossible.” —Robert H. Schuller

Welcome to the weekend!

It's cooling off here in Vancouver, and as we're transitioning into early autumn, I've begun searching out some of my favorite autumn comforts: extra furry blankets, pillows, sheets, and such. Summer is not over yet, but I do enjoy this transitional time... I've even had my first hot chocolate of the season today—as the rain was pouring, mind you, but I didn't care. I smiled, because firsts are such a beautiful thing, are they not? Yesterday was also my very first facial, ever, (can you believe? I didn't know what I was missing) and I was reminded about how special firsts truly are—so full of surprises.

This week has been one of incredible inspiration and dreaming—dreaming is what makes the imagination soar and possibilities come to life. I wish you an inspired, fabulous weekend ahead, my friends!

image 01 link, remaining images: B&B Italia

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stills in NYC

Pretty Stills has brought us into Fall.

Only this time, as opposed to the beach, or an ancient site, it is in Manhattan—in the heart of the city. I love New York, especially in late Summer/early Fall. The glamour is high, elegance is just a kiss away, and the streets are lined with gorgeous rowhomes and apartments... I can almost hear "Moon River", jazz–style playing... perhaps it's terrible of me, but as we are enjoying Summer here, I am looking forward to Fall. Is it the memories? Maybe it's the fact that I love how the leaves turn, or the shades that the world reveals, or the lights at night, or maybe newly sharpened pencils (wink) but Fall get me every time... enjoy a taste of it to come...


images via Stills

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Heiress

Ralph Lauren presents a beautiful new collection.

"A timeworn Old World residence with a sense of history inspires a beautiful translations of bohemian romance. Artfully arranged rooms are filled with eclectic and gently disheveled furnishings and luxe juxtaposition of rustic and refined." I have certainly used these very words before, but they are so beautifully articulated in this incredible look, aren't they? From layers and layers of fabric enclosing the sleeping quarters, to candles upon candles, to stacks of old books, to that canopied vanity, this collection is the ultimate dream come true, and I wish I could transport myself here. Truly a space for the romantic of heart, and lover of all that is pretty...

Amoung my favorite furniture pieces are the heiress bed with shelter wings, the heiress guéridon topped with marble and the Cannes chaise. Take a look around—I would love to know what you think!

-- images: Ralphlauren.com

A Romantic Heart

I have a confession.

Growing up, I thought I was a little odd... not odd in the typical sense, but odd in the sense that I loved, loved, loved Jane Austen, the Victorian era, Marie Antoinette, antiques, and romance. At just seven, I realized I was decidedly girly, and the thought of Summer camps and basketball made my stomach hurt. Oh yes, host a tea party and I would be there in a pinch. Give me a doll or makeup for my birthday and I would be eternally grateful. And while the all the children my age around me enjoyed snowmobiling and rollerblading, I was happy to spend time reading The Babysitters Club, making storybooks, reading through magazines about decorating, and watching any movie with Audrey Hepburn.

It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I truly found more people like me. They certainly weren't in Vancouver. (though I'm sure that now I could find some) They were through other blogs online, all over the world—like Roséline, of This is Glamorous, Louise of Pandora, Daniella of Dress, Design & Decor, Sasha or Everything Fabulous, Linda of Simply Seductive, Charmaine of Beautiful Things to Share, and a few others that I just adore. I am a real mix. And as much as I love modern, (and I really do) sometimes even rap and hip hop music, my heart still lies in the romance of a time long ago, where high tea was expected, dresses were welcomed and pen pals were cherished. That is how I find all of my blogging friends, as more modern day pen pals—except we have the opportunity to share much, much more and inspire one another through images and words...

images: Erin Wasson by Dusan Reljin + link
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