Monday, June 28, 2010

A Winner!

I am so happy to announce a winner of this beautiful, textured 18 Karat vase—Monika, of Splendid Willow! Congratulations, Monika! I know this vase will happily fit into your lovely home. And, as per my promise, tomorrow I will put together a moodboard of inspiration in Monika's color scheme of choice: grey, purple, and rich navy blue. For now, enjoy this image—an afternoon outside with a book sounds perfect, doesn't it?

( image: shabby chic )


  1. I so want to be there right now! Congrats to the winner...

  2. Congratulations to the winner!! Love that first picture *sigh*!!
    Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  3. oh my! that bed looks soooo inviting... I might take a nap right now... I wish! xo

  4. Congrats to the winner. And ^yes, it's time for a napt!!


  5. That Rachel Ashwell, she knows how to make things so so comfortable!

  6. Congrats to Monika :) - I'm hoping for summer days to actually have a nap outside - this photo has me dreaming of those days

  7. ooh love the new blog design Sarah! I had to double check I came to the right place :)
    Congrats to the winner of course! xoxo

  8. Helena -- thank you so so much... it was actually my David who did the re-design. So nice to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at it :)

  9. Sarah, I am beyond thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I am such a huge fan of yours - which makes this beautiful vase so much more special.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    And your banner looks great! Fresh, simple and chic! Love it! 5 stars David!

    Much fondness, Mon


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